One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


14. The First Time (Niall)


I woke up to the sound of my mom, walking around the house in her high heels. I usually didn’t wake up this early, but i did today, and i knew why. It was friday, and my boyfriend, Niall, was coming over for the weekend. It wasn’t just an ordinary weekend, were we were going to be together, no. My parents was going out of town, on a “little weekend holiday”, and i had the hole house for myself, or, that was what my parents thought. They didn’t had any clue that Niall was coming over, and we were going to be all alone in a hole weekend. I could smell that my mom was making pancakes, so i rushed over to my closet and grabed some tight jeans, a top, and my favorite hoodie. I brushed my hair, and i ran out of my room to get some breakfast. I loved breakfast, especially when it was pancakes. I ate like an animal, it was just grazy. Of course I was excited about the weekend, but i still had this nervous, weird feeling. I hadn’t had sex with Niall yet, but I wanted too, and i wanted it to happen in this weekend, because we would be all alone. No parents, no rules, and most important, no one in the house, beside us. I was afraid of disappointing him, i was a virgin but he wasn’t. I knew that he had been with a couple of girls before, but i hadn’t asked how many, and a part of me didn’t want to know. I would probably just get more nervous than i already was, so i omitted that. I looked at my watch, and it was already 8 am. Shit. I was going to be late for school, again. I hated school, i would probably like it a lot more if Niall went there, but he didn’t. We lived in the same city, but he was going to another school. We met through a common friend, Niall asked for my number, and, well, the rest is history. Niall had always been such a perfect boyfriend, i never really thought i would get a boyfriend like him, i never really thought i would get a boyfriend after all. But i did, and love is a beautiful thing.  My mom didn’t have time to drive me, so i had to walk. fucking shit. I was already late, and then i had to walk. “Perfect, just perfect.” i sighed. My teacher hated me, she was always after me, and she always pointed out how i didn’t concentrated, and participated enough in the lessons. Screw her. I wasn’t perfect, and neither were she.  When i arrived at the school, i was already 35 minutes late, and my teacher raged out on me, like i expected.  I fought my way through school, and it was finally over. Niall had told me that he would come and pick me up in his car, and then he would drive us to my house. I waited outsite the school, when i finally saw a glimpse of Niall’s car, i started jumping up and down and waving like grazy, so Niall could see where i was. He drove to my direction, and opened the car door to the passager seat, for me. “Hey babe! how’s it going?” he said while he pulled me in for a kiss and brushed his fingers through my hair. “I’m fine, now you’re here” i said while i giggled. “Haha, that’s cute, but as you know, the pleasure is always on my side” he said, flirtingly back.  We were flirting back and forth with eachother, the whole drive home, even though we sucked at it. But to be honest, we didn’t really care. As long as we could have a laugh about it, it was okay. Unlike other boys, Niall could always make me laugh, and make me feel special. When we finally got home, my parents had already leaved the house, and it was just me and Niall. The night was going fine, we watched movies, ate popcorn, laughed like we were about to pee our pants, just having fun.  It started to get darker outsite, and I could feel my heart beat faster, and i started to get really nervous. “What’s wrong princess?” Niall asked, in a worried voice. “Nothing Ni, i’m just scared..” i said, with a voice that got lower and lower. “Scared of what?” he asked confused. I kinda regretted i said i was scared, so i replied with a voice, that almost wasn’t there “It’s … nothing..” it flew out of my mouth.  “I know it’s something (Y/N), if it was “nothing” you wouldn’t be shaking, and telling me you’re scared” Right there, that was another thing i loved about Niall. He would know when i was sad, happy, nervous, scared or confused, he would know anything about me. That’s why i wanted to have sex with him, and not some random dickhead guy.  ”I-i-i want my first time to be with you… But i don’t want to dissapoint you.. you know?” I suddenly spoke out. It was hard to say, but i feelt relieved after i said it. ” (Y/N) babe, you won’t dissapoint me, never in a million years. There’s a reason why i’m with you, and not another girl, i love you.” Niall said, with a comfort, in his voice. “I love you too” i answered back, without hesitation. “Are you sure you wanna do this (Y/N)?  It’s kind of a big deal, and i don’t want to pressure you” Niall said. “I’m 110 percent sure Niall”  He smiled, and started kissing me. The kiss was full of lust and passion, and i could feel that Niall was as excited as me. He quikly picked me up, and wrapped my legs around his waist. Without breaking the kiss, he walked us into my bedroom, and layed me on the bed. Our hands was exploring each others bodies, and our tonques were practically fighing like animals. Niall literally ribbed my top of, and threw it on the floor. His fingertips then grazed the tops of my shoulders and he gently pulled my bra straps to the sides, letting them dangle at the sides of my arms. He then unhooked my bra, and stared at my breast. “You’re so fucking beautiful (Y/N)” he told me. I blushed and understood that  i didn’t have to be nervous, cos he really thought i was beautiful.  He kissed my neck, and i feelt his smirk against my cold skin. With time, he got lover down to my breast, he then began to suck on my hard nipples and bit them. I was so aroused, It feelt like i was going to explode. “Niall” was the only word that escaped from my mouth.  I was now laying there, on the bed, only wearing my jeans. I was so close. So close to be with the boy i loved the most in the world, and show him how much i loved him, it was just a perfect moment. He started pulling my jeans down, and threw them in the pile of clothes,  that had formed on the floor. He rubbed my clit, through my soaken wet panties, and i ached my back back. I lifted my hips up, so he could pull them of, he got the hint, and slowly pulled my panties down. He blowed some air, on my sex, and a shiver went through me. He began to eat me out, and loud moans were coming from my mouth. I took his head in my hands, and kissed him desperately on the mouth. I pulled his shirt over his head, and touched his torso with my bare hands. I needed him, and i wanted him to know that “I’m ready Niall, i need you inside of me” i whispered in his ear, while biting it. “Okay babe, but this might gonna hurt a bit, and the last thing i wanna do, is hurt you”.  He unzipped his pants, and pulled them down, he positioned himself beetween my legs, and i could feel his tip teasing my entrance. “Stop teasing!” i almost yelled. I just couldn’t wait anymore now. He looked me in the eyes, and a huge grin, appeared on his face.  He slowly started thrusting into me. He began to speed up, and it hurt, but i didn’t wanna say anything, cause that would just ruin the moment. He was huge and it was my first time, so i just had to adjust to his size.  The pain slowly started turning into pleasure, and i began to moan. “Fuck Niall - oh my go-o-o-od”. The bed was rocking back and forth, and i knew my neighbors were able to hear this, but i didn’t care. “Fuck (Y/N) you feel so good, so-o-o fucking good” Niall groaned. I loved the way he feelt inside of me, it was such an amazing feeling. I grapped his hair, and whispered in his ear “You feel so fucking good inside of me” He began to speed more up, and whispered something back in my ear “Oh yearh, you like that, huh? You like when i’m fucking you like that?” I haven’t heard Niall talk like that before, but it turned me on.  Our sweating bodies, was slapping through each other, it was so sensual, and i could feel my orgasm starting to build up. “Niall.. I think im gonna come.” I breathed out. Just after the words formed from my mouth, i came. I closed my eyes, and  came all over his cock, it was amazing. I screamed his name in pleasure, and now i wanted him to fill me up. “Come for me Niall, fill me up, say my name, you feel so fucking good inside of me” It turned him on, and his thrust got slower and slower. “(Y/N) im gonna come now”  he groaned, and he did “Oh fu-u-u-ck”. He filled me up, and drove his orgasm inside of me. Noises escaped from his mouth, his eyes shut , he held his head back, and he grunted his nose, all in pleasure, because of me. He collapsed on top of me, and we were both out of breath, sweaty, but we feelt like we were in paradise. “(Y/N) i can’t believe you actually thought you were going to dissapoint me” You were amazing, we should definetly do this again” he said while he winked at me. “You weren’t that bad either” I joked. I knew that he knew how much i loved him. He kissed me on the nose, and we cuddlet on the couch, for the rest of the night.  
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