One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


7. Taste (Niall)


Niall’s POV  

The sight of you sitting on the sofa naked is starting to drive me wild. You have your legs spread and are rubbing your inner thighs. You rub along the sides of your pretty pussy. Glints of moisture are starting to seep from deep inside you, moistening your lips so they start to glisten and swell. I pull up a chair in front of you and pull out my cock. It stands up hard and proud, pulsing and swollen. I pull the chair up as close as I can and sit on the edge, my balls hanging inches from your pussy. I can feel the heat on my balls coming from your hot little snatch. I don’t touch myself, but position my legs so you can watch me as I get harder and harder watching you. You start to play with your lips, spreading the wetness all over your crotch. Your clit grows larger, pushing its way out from under its hood, seeking attention.    

By now my cock is engorged, its thick head swollen a bright reddish purple, a bead of pre-cum glistening on the tip. My balls are getting heavy and swollen, and start to twitch in their smooth velvety sack, drawing tighter up to the base of my shaft. I’m so hard I can’t stand it; my swollen cock starts pulsing with desire, the fat head slowly bobbing up and down. By now a shiny clear string of sweet honey pre-cum is hanging from the tip, stretching to the floor.  

I stand up and push the chair back. I stand in front of you as you rub your wet pussy and moan. I thrust my hips forward so that my pulsing stiff cock is right in front of your face, drizzling pre-cum up your tummy and over your tits. Taste me. That’s right, just stick your tongue out and lick my tip. Mmmm…. Want some more? Take hold of my balls, yeah. Now give them a squeeze… harder… oh yes! As you squeeze a large amount of my honey is forced up my shaft and out of my tip. Go on, suck it of… no no, just the head Oohhhhh….  

Stop! No I can’t cum yet, first your pussy needs some more attention.  

I kneel down between your legs, and grabbing your hips pull you to the edge of the cushion. I put a hand on each of your knees and slowly move them up your inner thighs, running my fingertips up either side of your drenched hot little pussy. I rest my fingertips on your soft mound and start massaging you with my thumbs up and down the sides of your puss, gently pressing and rubbing, watching in delight as your sweet juice runs out between your swollen lips. They are so pink and wet, swelling and growing in size. I move my left hand under your right thigh, moving it up to your tummy, your thigh resting on my arm. I gently rub your tummy, moving my hand down to your mound, gently pushing and rubbing all around your clit. Your pussy is glowing and shiny with your juices. I continue my caress as I push my right hand up to your hungry pussy. I slowly slide three fingers of my right hand up and down your sopping slit, my middle fingertip between your pouty lips, fingers on either side massaging your lips, sliding up and down, gently squeezing your lips between my fingertips while my left hand massages your mound.  

 Your beautiful pussy lips are so soft and hot and wet. My hand is getting wet, and I lick your juices off my fingertips. Your taste makes me swoon… damn you taste so good! I slide my right hand under your left leg and grab your hips with both hands as I lower my head between your legs. Your scent makes my cock throb with desire. I start at the bottom and slowly lick up your lips to your clit, and give it gentle suck. It feels hot and hard on my tongue. I give your lips gentle butterfly kisses up and down as I reach up for your breasts with both hands.  

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