One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


8. Surprise (Niall)


As I lay in the bathtub preparing for my evening, I reflected on my master plan. It was quite simple actually, yet the results would hopefully be complex and deep reaching. As I bathed my lean body, my mind raced through the preparations that I had made during the afternoon. The house was spotless and I had made Niall’s favorite meal. The dining room table was set for two. The only thing left to do was light the candles and put the hot food on the table. Satisfied that all was in readiness, I focused on preparing my body for the sexually charged evening ahead. As I dried off my body, the anticipation of feeling Niall’s hands rubbing over me caused my breathing to deepen. I stood in front of the full length mirror a midst the fog from the shower and scrutinized my body. My breasts rose and fell in the hushed silence as I slowly and carefully got dressed. The black fishnet stockings went on first. I sat on the edge of the bed, my hands sliding along my calf muscles as I rolled the flimsy fabric up my legs. Next came the skimpy see-through black dress, it slipped over my oiled body and fit like a glove. The white apron and cap that came with the French maid outfit were quickly donned. I glanced in the mirror one last time to check my appearance before slipping on my spike heeled shoes. Happy with how I looked, I rushed to the dining room. Niall would be home in a few minutes and I wanted to be sure that everything as in readiness and perfect for his arrival. I carried the steaming tray of food to the table, arranging it just so. Flitting around the room, I lit one candle after another until the room was awash in the soft flickering illumination being cast by the dozens of candles. I pulled out a chair and daintily sat on the edge of it, my front to the door waiting for his arrival.  

The first thing I heard was the lock as his key turned and scratched it open. I could feel the rush of air as the doorway in the hall, right outside of the dining room swung open to allow you him enter. Niall’s footsteps echoed through the house and competed with my pounding heart to be heard. I could feel his presence moving toward the dining room door. I sat poised on the chair, my breasts pushed high and pointed, my legs spread allowing him to see my glistening folds that were visible through the French maid outfit. I was so anxious and excited for him to see exactly how much he turns me on. I couldn’t wait any longer to please him.   Niall moved into the entrance of the dining room. My eyes locked with his. I could see the surprise in his eyes. My heart soared.    

The hunger in his eyes made me gasp. Niall moved forward toward me. I jumped up from my seat and rushed to him. Wanting to give him the full maid treatment, I took his bag from his hand and gently eased his coat from his shoulders. I quickly discarded them on a nearby chair. Clasping Niall’s hand, I guided him toward the table. With a tender touch I pushed him into a seat at the table. His shocked expression slowly gave way to intense desire. Niall reached for me but I danced lightly around the table and served the food. I moved quickly around never allowing him to fully touch me before I was once again out of his reach. The glow from the candles glistened on my well oiled skin. My fingers and body brushed heavily against him as I served the food, pushing, pressing and teasing his body.  

I could see the sexual tension rising within Niall. I knew how badly he wanted me. The heat of his emotions were burning into me with every look. Smiling at him with the utmost look of lust and happiness, I sat down across from him. I leaned forward, my breasts heaving against the tight fabric. I looked deeply into his eyes. Niall looked at me and with a calm that belied the sexual fever that I had built within him. His smile was one of extreme pleasure and satisfaction as he said, “Are you done now,” He raised his eyebrow in a mocking look.  

Unable and not willing to play the game any longer I slowly nodded my head in an affirmation to Niall’s question.   The table rattled as Niall rapidly pushed his chair back and rose to his feet. The candles sputtered and threatened to go out as he rushed by them. Niall reached me in record time. Falling to his knees he gathered me into his arms, pulling me tight against him. I could feel his pounding heart against my breasts. My nipples rubbed against the filmy fabric and instantly became hard pebbles pushing against him. Niall’s lips found mine. His tongue forthwith began to probe my mouth. With an audible sigh I opened my lips, pulling his tongue into my mouth. My hands reached out to clasp his back as I slid off the chair and onto his lap. I could feel the steel hard length of him, pushing against his pants and against the apex between my thighs. The pressure of my body on Niall’s lap caused his eyes to glaze over in surprise as he grew even harder and more erect.  

Teasing Niall had aroused me to such a pitch that I began to scream as an orgasm overtook my body, simply from the pressure of his cock pushing against my clit. Niall kept a tight reign on his desire as he held me tight, allowing the tremors and spasms to fade away. As my conscious thoughts returned to me I quickly could tell the effort it as taking for him to hold back from his own pleasure. All I had to do was lean forward and whisper five little words in his ear. “I want you inside me.” Without delay Niall grasped me, shifting my body to allow him to take off his clothes. Niall’s hands clutched the hem of the French maid outfit and gave it a tug. Before I even knew what was happening we lay skin to skin mindless to the hard floor beneath our bodies. My hands reached for him, trailing across your chest. My lips touched his body as it heaved and shook with the supreme feelings rocketing through it. Wasting no time,  Niall slide into my warm welcoming body. My muscles spasmed from the pleasure that tore through me from my head to my toes. My hips bucked against him, urging him to pump in and out of me faster and faster. Harder and harder he rode me, driving us closer and closer to the brink. I was the first one to fall over the edge into the abyss of infinitesimal pleasure. My body tightened as wave after wave of all body encompassing spasms tore through me. Buried deeply inside me he could feel my muscles tightening around him, squeezing and exhorting his body to join me in the intense pleasure. Niall let out a cry as his body began to pump, shooting his warmth deep within my body. He collapsed onto my prone body. Neither of us could move after the violent orgasms that we had just experienced. Further more, neither of us wanted to move from within each others comforting embrace. It was a long time before we ate dinner.  

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