One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


9. She’s A Dreamer (Anyone)


(Y/N) is sleeping on top of me. I hold her tight against my body to feel her warmth. To feel her heart beating against me. To keep her safe in my arms, knowing she likes to be in my arms. She moves a bit and lays her head on my shoulder. I nuzzle my nose into her hair and smell her typical scent. I move a bit so one of my legs is between hers. I feel her wet core against my leg. Yesterday was her birthday, so when her party was over, I gave her her last present. This is how I woke up, with (Y/N) naked on top of me, pressed against my body. I feel her hot breath against my neck, giving me goose bumps. I stroke her back up and down when I feel her move again. Her clit brushing against my bare leg. She moans in my ear while she’s still asleep. I smile and move my leg against her core. She’s already soaking wet. I move my leg up and down so it’s stroking her the whole time. She squirms but I hold her in my  grip against me. Moans are escaping her mouth. A part of my leg is wet because of her juices. She moves her hips against me again so she’s riding on my leg. I look at her face. Her lips are parted and moans are escaping. Her eyes closed because she’s still asleep. Her hands and arms holding me.  I bring my hand between our bodies and touch her clit. She jumps up a bit and her eyes open. ‘You bad girl. Riding on my leg while you’re asleep’ I say. She blushes. I pull her close and kiss her roughly and passionately. I pull the covers over us and hold her bum in my hands. I push her a bit and she starts to grind her clit against my leg again. She let my lips go and closes her eyes while moaning. I take her hips in my hand and move her back and forth on my bare leg. She shudders and opens her eyes to look at me. It’s so hot to see her like this, riding my leg. I take my bottom lip between my teeth and keep moving her back and forth. ‘I’m almost there’ (Y/N) moans and places her hands on my chest. ‘Ow yes, yes, fuck’ she moans and reaches her climax. My leg is covered in her juices. She lays her on top of me again while she tries to catch her breath. ‘Did you enjoy yourself?’ I ask in her ear. She nods and sighs. Within minutes, she’s asleep again. I stroke her hair and rest my cheek on her head.  
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