One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


18. Rough Night (Harry)



Harry and I have been fighting all day…and now I’m just sick of everything he does. “HARRY, I DIDN’T CHEAT ON YOU! JUST TRUST M-“ I was cut off by his soft lips fiercely attacking mine. I was shocked but I didn’t stop him, we continued to make out. I broke the kiss, “What are you doing?” I asked looking up at Harry. “Imma make sure you know how much I love you. And since you think I don’t trust you or love you the way I say I do…you must be punished.” He said as he started to kiss down my neck, leaving a wet trail. “A-an-and how-w are you going to-o prove that?” I asked daring him. “You’ll see…” he said into my neck. He continued to suck on my neck then she stopped. He picked me up setting my on the island in the kitchen. He stood in between my legs. He looked at me and took off my shirt leaving me in my black bra and sweats. He continued to suck on my neck again making his way down my upper body. Then he got to my boobs. He slowly started to lick the exposed skin. He looked up at me. Harry said nothing; he picked me up taking us up to our bedroom. He threw me on the bed and I propped myself up on my elbows. He locked the door, “You are all mine…” he said walking back over to me. “Oh really?” I asked knowing what I was in for. “Really…” he answered. He pulled down my pants and threw them across the room. I was laying there in just my bra and matching underwear. I bit my lip and moaned as he ripped off my bra and licked my boobs. As he roughly sucked every bit of both breasts, I rolled my eyes back and continued to moan. “Did you like that you dirty girl?” he whispered. I nodded my head, “Mhmm.”  

He pushed his fingers against my panties and smirks, “Who made you this wet baby?” I sneered back at him and whispered in his ear, “Zayn.” He pressed harder making me whimper. “I’m sorry…I don’t think I heard you right…Who made you this wet?” He asked again. “You heard me…Zayn made me this wet.” I said again really pushing his buttons. “Oh really? Zayn made you this wet?” He asked, his voice getting deeper. “Really Harold.” I said. Hazz lightly ran his finger over my damp black underwear. I shivered, feeling a huge jolt of electricity throughout my body. “Mhmmm…” I moaned. “You like that don’t you nasty girl.” He purred against my thigh. “Did Zayn make you hum like that?” he asked leaving a trail of kisses on the opposite thigh. “Yes…” I dared to answer. I looked down at him, anger and lust in his eyes. Whenever Dig and I had sex, it was romantic and passionate, this was a new Harry that I’ve never seen before….but I liked it. He growled while quickly pulling off my panties and started rubbing my already wet center. “Mhmmm…fuck.” I whispered biting my lip. “You like that?” Harry asked again. I nodded, “Stop teasing me…” I whimpered. “UGH HARRY!” I shouted, feeling two of his fingers shoved into me unexpectedly. He started pumping in and out of me furiously,  instantly hitting my g-spot. I arched my back and moaned, “Fuck you…” He smirked, “Awww, is Y/R getting frustrated? Does she wish that I was inside her going in and out, fast then slow?” His fingers were doing the actions he was expressing. “Mhmmm, yes…fuck…” I felt my climax coming; I felt the pit in my stomach, like I was going to explode. “Mhmmm DON’T STOP DAN, IM GUNNA CUM!” I screamed almost hitting my climax when he removed his fingers, slowly sucking off all of my juices. I whimpered at loss of contact, “What the fuck?!” I moaned as my climax started to fade away. “I never said you could cum yet…I still haven’t finished punishing you.” He said simply. He stood up, I started unbuckling his belt, and he slapped my hand away. “No, you’re being disciplined, not pleasured.” He unbuckled his belt and pulled down is sweats and boxers. “Suck me bitch.” He said, I was shocked because this is so unlike him. I just stood there, forgetting about how big his length really was. “Don’t just sit there, get on your knees and suck.” He said again while pointing to his hard raft. Since he teased me, I’m going to tease him. Payback’s A Bitch. I got down on my knees taking him into my hands, lightly stroking it. I took the tip to my mouth, lightly sucking it. “Mhmmm…” I heard him hum. “Done.” I said looking up at him. “Suck me…now…” he said taking his dick and forcing it into my mouth. I sucked it, taking it all into my mouth. I was surprised it all fit. I bobbed my head slow at first and eventually got faster. I sucked it, hollowing out my cheeks. I hummed against it in my mouth, and swirled my tongue all around his long chocolate length. “Mhmmm….Fuck Y/N…shit…” He continued to moan, his eyes were closed and his head was leaned back. “Fuck, I want to be inside you.” He finally said, pulling me up. He kissed me again. “Mhmmm, I wanna feel your cock inside me.” I purred laying back on the bed. Harry hovered over me and kissed my neck roughly again, probably leaving another bite mark. Harry slid his hand down rubbing my soft spot before he trusted into me, filling me completely. “FUCK YOU’RE SO TIGHT, UGH!” He groaned between thrusts. “UGH! Harry…you feel so good…mhmm.” I moaned, feeling my orgasm build up already. He kept thrusting into me, each thrust being harder than the last. “Fuck…” I moaned while biting my lip. “Mhmmm…” I could hear his small huffs and puffs. “Mhmmm…” he let out once again. We were both breathing heavy, our bodies were sticky. “Fuck…” I purred again. “I want you to ride me…” Harry said slowing down. You could hear him being out of breath. I nodded before he flipped us over, so now I was on top. I’m in control. I started to slowly ride him, rocking back in forth. We started slow but before I knew it, Harry was going in and out at an incredible speed. I was still rocking back and forth. Our bodies making a smacking sound at every thrust. “UGH FUCK HARRY! UGH, FUCK ME HARD!” I screamed, feeling his force inside of me. “UGH, YES!!! FUCK NIA YOU FEEL SO GOOD AROUND MY DICK!!!” he grunted. We both continued to scream and moan in unison. I fell forward, Hazz still pumping in and out of me. I bit his shoulder and sucked on his neck, his mouth near my ear. I could hear his quiet huffs and puffs. “Mhmmmmm” I moaned into his neck, I felt him shiver. His breathing picked up a little. I stood back up, still straddling him. “UGH  FUCK, FASTER!!!!” I moaned feeling my climax start to approach. “Ugh Fuck Y/R, You think Zayn could fuck you like this?” he asked. I couldn’t answer, I was too pleased feeling his dick inside me then out. “Mhmmm” I moaned. “That doesn’t answer my question!” he said slowing down to an unbearable speed. “Fuck Hazz, faster!” I begged rocking my hips more. He was still pumping in and out slowly. “I asked you a question…” he said, “now, do you think Zayn could fuck you likethis?” he said smirking again. “mhmm…no…only you. Fuck!” I said as he started picking up the speed. “Scream my name…let everyone know who you belong to!” he said. “Fuck Harry! I Belong To You!!!” I screamed. “AH FUCK!” I moaned. “Who?” he asked. “YOU HARRY! YOU HARRY STYLES!!!! UGH FUCK ME!” I finally screamed. He continued to thrust into me. “Ugh I’m gonna cum!” I moaned feeling my climax rise. “Me too!” He moaned. His thrusts started to get sloppy. Each thrust becoming more and more powerful and overwhelming. ”FUCK Y/N, I’M ABOUT TO CUM!” he screamed.  “UGH FUCK! I’M COMING!!!” I screamed back as I felt his warm load shoot into me. “Mhmmm” I purred as we both rode out our orgasms together. I rolled off of Harry, lying next to him. We were both looking up at the ceiling. I looked over at him, our chests were still moving up and down. The room was silent; you could only hear us breathing. “You know you are the only one for me?” I asked breaking the silence. “Yeah, but the thought of everything just pissed me the fuck off.” He said. “Then I guess I should piss you off more often.” I said smiling. “Why the fuck would you want that?” He asked. “Because…that was the best sex ever.” I said laughing, “Damn I never thought you could be such a badass.” I said. We both started laughing. “I love you Y/R.” He said, “I love you too Harry.” I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips, and we just laid there and cuddled, until we both fell asleep.  

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