One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


17. Really, Right Now Princess? (Niall)


“Come on love, we are going to be late!” my boyfriend, Niall, shouted at me from the bottom of the stairs “Coming!” i sing-songed as i ran down the stairs with my heels in my hand, he kissed my forehead and wrapped his arm around my waist as he walked us out to the car. When we got the restaurant and walked to our table, the boys, Zayn,Louis,Liam, and Harry were already sitting.      

”Hey guys” Harry greeted us as he got up the let me and niall slip in the booth, lightly giving me a kiss on the cheek as i went by him to sit down, the rest of the boys said there hellos and started talking immediately. Harry,Me, then niall sat on one side of the booth, and Zayn, Louis, and Liam sat across from us on the other side.        

The restaurant was bustling with people, mostly couples more than families, giving off a kind of romantic vibe, which weirdly, was turning me on. As the boys were talking about their upcoming tour and the album release, i was a little zoned out, and all i could think about was how much i wanted niall at the very moment. As i zoned back in, pretending to be engaged in the conversation, i slowly slipped my hand over to niall’s inner thigh just leaving it there, rubbing little motions with my thumb. He peeked over slightly, looking at me without moving his head, while a tiny smirk spread across his face. I slowly moved my hand up, more twords his crotch, until my fingers were lingering with his zipper, trying to unzip it as quietly as i could. When he realized what i was doing, he leaned over and whispered in my ear “Really, Right now princess?” i just snickered, and he kissed my forehead and went back to his conversation with the boys, when i finally got his zipper down, without anyone hearing, i unbuttoned the 2 buttons on his trousers, and wasted no time sticking my hand in the opening of his boxers, slightly rubbing his growing erection. He let out a slight moan, only loud enough to where i could hear, knowing what i was doing to him, i started pumping up and down on his shaft faster. i adjusted my body so i was more facing niall, so harry wouldn’t be able to see what was going on. Niall, trying to keep himself under control, was realiseing small moans passing them off as coughs everytime. “You alright bud?” Zayn asked “Yeah, just a tickle in my throat, im fine” he replied I was smiling the whole time, loving every minute of it, and he knew it. i started pumping even faster until i reached the speed just fast enough so you couldnt hear my hand against his skin. This was driving him crazy. i leaned over and whispered “I love you” while slightly bitting his earlobe, with no one noticing, because by this time our food had arrived and they were all too occupied, eating and talking. This sent him over the edge, i could feel him starting to thrust just a little, to make sure no one noticed. “Baby, im gonna cum!” He whispered in my ear i immediatley stopped. this infuriated him more than ever “What the hell?” he spat out, not realizing he said it out loud “What??” liam questioned “Oh nothing, they just didn’t give me any ketchup for my fries” he said “Nice save” i whispered in his ear, being as seductive as i could “You’ll pay for that princess” he whispered back with a huge smirk on his face He casually put his throbing length back into his boxers, sipping and buttoning his trousers. He ate his meal VERY quickly, and before i even finished he announced that we had to go, and that he ‘forgot’ we have to go meet his parents at their house for something. withoutquestion the boys said their goodbyes, and as you can imagine we went straight home, right into our cozy bed for my ‘punishment’  

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