One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


11. Push (Anyone)


He smiled again, and kept going. He left soft kisses down my stomach to the joints where my thighs met my pelvic bone and began to nibble the skin. His tongue came out, to press firmly into the tickle spot there. I squirmed again, this time more fiercely- unintentionally sending my womanhood into his face.   He caught the area with a waiting tongue- causing me to let out an inhumane noise somewhere between a growl and a moan.   He smirked against the lace thong covering my pussy, pushing his tongue into the tiny piece of fabric softly kneading with the muscle. A gasp escaped my lips.   His mouth continued the hunt, the chase down the intricate plains of my body. His lips were at the delicate skin right by my now soaked womanhood. He bit in softly, puckering his mouth as if to catch the juices of a soft juicy peach. Another moaned left my lips.   The bulge in his boxers pressed against my left foot. Feeling a bit daring, I dug my toes into the bulge. He squirmed, rotating his hips- just a little- onto the ball of my foot. I moved my foot back and forth, rubbing him through the tented cotton fabric. He let out a warm moan into the ticklish part of my thigh- his hot breath erupted both a giggle and a moan from me.  
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