One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


12. Practice Makes Perfect (Harry)


He simpers sheepishly, the coy grin draping across his lips seeming to grandstander his innocence to a further degree. It never failed. Every time our eyes would root, his cheeks would flood scarlet, frantically re-adjusting his glasses to perch neatly on the bridge of his nose. Ever since we’ve been assigned as lab partners, he’s been itching under my gaze. It was cute in all honesty. I feel a light tapping on my shoulder, but I don’t bother to shift my body. I reach back, grabbing the ‘daily note’ of what the popular majority are examining in the classroom. I circumspectly unfold the worn paper; overly saturated in ink and news about the latest sex scandals. My eyes transform into slits, trying to decipher the hot topic of the day. I unfold the note, reading the thickest words that come into sight, ‘Four-eyes might be getting a hard-on for (Y/N), if he even knows what that is.’ My grin falters as I glance up, meeting those hopeful jade eyes. I grab my pen, putting my usual input, except…I may be taking a risk on this one. ‘C’mon you guys. Look how sweet he is.’ I read over my scrawl once again before re-folding and passing on the note. I cringe at the sound of the bell, scooping up my books and heading out of class. I do my usual, giving everyone their fair amount of small talk and farewells. The hallways gradually unclog themselves, making it easier to get to my locker. I put away my books and grab the necessary materials for what I’ll need to study. Damn high school. My eyes trapeze throughout the dull hallways before looking over to Harry, nose-deep into the latest New York Times featured novel. A smile graces my lips as he scrunches his button nose, leaning against the lockers for support. I stroll over to him, careful not to be too direct. “Hi Harry.” I sing-song, the melodic tone sending his books tumbling towards the ground in front of him. I hold back a chortle as he frantically gathers them in his arms, standing back up to face me. “Hi (Y/N).” is his genius recovery-response. “Hi there.” I repeat. His teeth cut into his bottom lip, his eyes evading my own. “So, your house at four? We really need to get a hold on this lab experiment. I’m shooting for at least a B. Is that do-able?” I question sweetly, batting my eyelashes. I’ll admit, that blush made my heart flutter. “If you want…we could try for an A. I mean, if that would ruin your image.” His words dribble on his tongue, sweat beads threatening at his pores. I snicker softly, “I’ll see you at four, Harry.” The commute to Harry’s house was short, and at the time I arrived, no one was home. I dug my key into the ignition, cutting off the engine and sinking into the deteriorated leather. I tugged on the elastic taming my hair letting the locks cascade freely along my back. My forehead fell against the steering wheel, trying to pass the time in some way. I sunk my teeth into my bottom lip, letting my fingers trapeze over the waistband of my jeans. I survey the area around me once more, before easing a hand under. I softly stroked my wet folds, images of those innocent green eyes corrupting my brain. My head descends backward, falling against the plush padding. “H-Harr-” I sew my lips together, averring a moan. I wasn’t going to say Harry…was I? Of course not.  I massage harsh circles over my clit, reaching closer and closer- tap, tap, tap I look up to see him standing outside my window, wide-eyed. I pry the door open briskly, frenziedly recollecting myself. “Hello.” I acknowledge breathlessly. “I-I didn’t mean to interrupt…” his eyes sink into the cement. A smile sparks at my lips before pulling them to his ear, “Let’s make it our little secret.”  He gives an affirmative nod, looking down at me in awe. “Let’s study, shall we?” I pivot on my heel, stalking towards his house and along the stairway. He trails close behind, his chest heaving as he tries to keep up with my pace. I come face to face with a tall mahogany door; desperate to know what’s behind it, I enter. I am greeted with the cliche study I had imagined he’d have. Freshly embroidered books are stacked neatly upon the back wall, ship models confined carefully in undimmed crystal cases.  “My humble abode.” he comments with a snort. “Posh.” I add, rendering an unchaste smirk. He winces as I reach forward, my fingers stumbling upon each labeled spine. I cull a rather thick novel from its spot, wallowing through worn pages. “You like to read.” I beam. He nods in confirmation, the subject, his cheeks scalloped in crimson, “I do.” he says apprehensively. “Mostly fiction?”  His eyes perk up, astonished by my close observations. Harry’s that boy in class who always gets in trouble for reading. “Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.-Jessamyn West.” He smiles proudly.  A lump summons at the core of my throat, but I quickly swallow it away, putting the book back in its rightful spot. “Study. We need to study.” He nods in agreement, walking over and planting on his bed. I stand in front of him, too dazed to sit down. “Y-You can sit down, if you’d like.” he looks up at me, shakily. “No. I’m fine.” I flail my arms as if to prove my point to a further degree. I examine him intently, the way his chest heaves, rising and falling rapidly; obviously flustered that a girl is in his room.  “I was thinking we could form a hypothesis on how magnetism affects plant growth.” I inch closer, “Mhm.” I hum seductively. I can feel his sweltering breath against my skin as it bellows from his lips; hot and bothered. “But we don’t h-have to do that…”  I rest my palms on his thighs, leaning down in front of him, “That’s fine, Harry.” I swoon over his name, giving him a genuine grin. He looks up at me, his lips standing ajar and breath gaining weight; heavier and heavier by the second. I pull back up, my eyes bulldozing every crevice of his features. I stop at his mouth, absentmindedly dragging my index finger over his porcelain rose-lips. “You’re perfect, Harry.” I whisper. His breathing becomes exceedingly jagged as I lean closer. “I was thinking of you while I touched myself.” I whisper. “(Y/N), s-stop. We can’t do this.” he stutters, his massive hand sprawling across my abdomen.  “Yes we can.” I retort. “I don’t know how to make you feel good.” he mutters. My own breathing hitches, my blood seeming to freeze as if mud were being carried through my veins. I place my hand over his own, easing it beneath the hem of my oversized t-shirt. “Harry?” I question, moving his hand up further. “Yes…yes, (Y/N)?” he mumbles.  I slide his fingers beneath the wiring of my bra, placing his hand on my breast. He flinches away, but I give him a reassuring look. “Has a girl ever let you touch her like this?”  His head falls slightly, his soft spirals pillowing across his forehead. He shakes his head vigorously. I swallow roughly, trying to re-gain my breath. “How about like this?” I take his other hand, easing it beneath the waistband of my panties. “Fuck.” His teeth align his bottom lip, as if seeing me in pleasure made him wanting; lustful. Something it seems he’s never experienced before. “Touch me then. Do what you want with me…” I trail, tracing my nimble fingertips along the rim of his glasses. He hesitantly tugs at my jeans, letting them rim at my ankles; along with my silky panties. I pull off my top, assuming we’d get to that point anyway. He eagerly fumbles with the clasp of my bra, struggling to get it off. “I got it.” I smile, snapping it off and letting it fall along my arms. He blushes, embarrassed. “Like this?” he places a hand on my breast. “Move.” I moan. He needs them both in his hands, staring up at me. My head falls back, eyes slammed shut and face contoured in pleasure. “Just like th-that.” He sets a palm on my lower back, pulling me forward so that he can rim his lips around the hardened nub.  I plow my fingers in his curls, the other fidgeting with his belt buckle. “You’re…oh god..really good at this…” He pulls away softly, dragging my nipple between his teeth. I let out a whimper and he quickly backs me away. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry. I’ve…never done this before.”  My eyes broaden, slightly shocked. “We can stop if you want.” I tease, pulling his shirt over his head. “No, no! I mean…do you want to stop?” I tug at his jeans, pulling them down with his boxers. I swallow hard, staring at his length. “What?” he asks, squirming beneath my gaze. “You’re huge.”  Dimples cave into his cheeks, reaching to take off his glasses. I push his hand away, “No. They’re sexy.” I reassure him. I curl my arms around his neck, straddling over his body. I latch my lips onto his neck, “M-Maybe we should stop now…” he states frantically. I wrap sweet kiss around to his jawline, before stopping. “It’ll feel good, Harry. You’ll love it.” He eagerly sets his lips onto mine, letting his tongue collide into my own. He traps my bottom lip between his own, moving them in synchronized movements. I tease myself, letting my entrance encase his swollen head before pulling out. His fingers coil around my hips, sinking into the skin. “How bad do you want me?” I gasp. ”I’ve always wanted you.” I give him a sweet kiss, “Then have me.” I slide onto his length with a moan. “Does that feel good?” I ask him. “F-Fantastic.” I immediately begin swiveling my hips into his, watching at his inability to form words. “Let it out.” I reassure, nibbling at his ear lobe, “It turns girls on when you moan their name.”  He buries his head into the crook of my neck, bucking his hips to meet my thrusts. “You’re so beautiful, (Y/N)…” he moans, navigating to my sweet spot. My heart clenches, falling to the pit of my stomach at his compliment. I place my hands firmly on his shoulders, bouncing harder and harder against his shaft. I quiver at the feel of his tip slamming against the rough patch of skin; so sensitive to any touch. “Touch me. Make me go harder. I’m all yours.” I whisper. Determination suddenly caresses his expression, and he pounds into me. “Oh shit, yes…” I groan, shuttering beneath his touch. “Every day  in class,” thrust. “I know what they say about me.” I cry out in bliss as my walls pulse around him, the anger in his voice making the moment all the more sensual. “I’m so sorry, Harry…” I whimper softly. “Listen to me.” he demands. He thrusts harder; faster. “You make it all worth it.” he finishes. Guilt stings at my limbs. I should’ve been there for him. I should’ve stuck up for him. “Where’s your phone, Harry?” I stutter through moans. “W-What?” I roll my eyes, stopping my hip movement to reach for his cellphone. I arch my back further, slamming my eyes shut. “I’m going to need you to go harder now.” I speak through clenched teeth. He grabs my waist, crashing my hips down into his. “I’m c-cumming.” he groans, pleasure quaking his body. I feel my high approach, cascading over my clammy body like a tidal wave.  I hold up the phone, snapping a quick picture as we come down from our climaxes. He curls his arms around my torso, holding me close to his body. He buries his head in my chest, and I kiss his curls. “I was bad…I’m not experienced enough for you…I-I’m sorry.” he sniffs. I cull his body into mine, snaking my finger under his chin so that our eyes meet.  “You were fantastic. Maybe…” I place a chaste kiss to the corner of his lips, “Maybe I could teach you more?” A smile smears across his lips as he looks up at me once more, those innocent eyes kicking back into gear. “Would you do that?”  I giggle softly into his chest. “Of course I would.” I pick up his phone once more and smile. “What? What is it?” he asks anxiously.”You have a cute orgasm face.” A blush paints its way across his cheeks. “Oh yeah…sorry.”  He sighs deeply, staring at me intently. “I wish they didn’t all hate me.” A thought enters my head, and I immediately begin contemplating it. I tap away at his phone eagerly before handing it  back to him. “What’d you do?” his eyebrows knit together. “Now the whole senior class knows you fucked me.”  I pick up my clothes, starting to dress myself. He coughs awkwardly, waiting for me to look his direction. “Do you think that we’ll…ever do that again?” I pull his lips to meet mine one last time. “That was amazing, but don’t get to egotistical. I mean…” I give him my best smirk, “Practice makes perfect, right?”  
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