One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


16. Not Even In My Dreams (Zayn)


I’ve always loved how close the boys are. Tonight I didn’t appreciate it so much. Harry needed Zayn for something that was apparently very important. This usually wouldn’t be a problem for me but I really wanted to see Zayn because I missed him, and I was super horny. That wasn’t important but I was ready to seduce him when he called to tell me Harry needed him. I was disappointed but I told him I understood. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I looked damn good in my push up bra and matching boyshorts. Victoria’s Secret would still be a secret, much to my displeasure. This was a major set back for my night. I needed a drink. I walked into the kitchen, grabbed a shot glass and the first bottle of liquor my fingers came into contact with. I filled the glass and swallowed it quickly. Vodka. I shook my head from the burn and quickly took another shot. I was kind of a lightweight so two shots of 180 proof liquor would get me tipsy pretty quickly. I stood in the doorway of my bedroom with my hands on my hips. I scanned the room until my eyes stopped on my radio. Yes. I hooked up my iPod to my radio and turned on my upbeat playlist. I danced around my room until I had to catch my breath. I lie across my bed on my back with my chest heaving. Alone in this apartment with nothing to do had me missing Zayn. I could feel the alcohol making me hazy. That warm pleasant haze made me sleepy. I heard the music change and the tempo slow in the distance. The bed dipped beside me and I mumbled Zayn’s name. My dream was all about him. His hand lightly traced down my arm and left a trail of goosebumps. I shivered slightly and knew he was smirking. He leaned in close and his smell invaded my senses making me bite my lip. He started kissing my neck and gently sucking. “Oh yeeeeess” I moaned slowly. I could feel him smirking against my skin. He moved away from me and I called his name in a warning. “I know babe.” He said quickly removing his shirt and jeans. He crawled back on top of me going straight for my lips. I moaned in satisfaction and wrapped my arms around him. His kiss was slow and sensual. His hands slid down my sides slowly to curl around the back of my thighs, pulling my legs apart. He fit so perfectly between my legs I wouldn’t mind him staying there for the rest of the night. He started trailing kisses down my neck, over my collar bone, and into my cleavage. I arched my back and he quickly unhooked my bra. His mouth quickly covered a nipple, gently biting and sucking. He switched sides and his hand quickly took over where he left. My fingers gripped his hair tightly and he hissed. He moved from within my grasp again and this time he didn’t come back. I shot up in bed looking around confused. I was alone and severely turned on. I looked down and all I had on was my underwear. “Where did my bra go?” I asked myself aloud. “On the floor” I turned around startled to find Zayn there. I ran and jumped in his arms. “How long have you been here?” I asked hugging him fiercely. “You don’t remember? After everything I did?” He asked incredulously. “I thought that was a dream, a really good dream.” “How good?” He asked smirking. “Hmm. I don’t think I remember.” I said slyly. “We’ll how about I remind you.” He said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. “Ahh! Zayn!” I screamed. “That’s right scream my name!” He said laughing and threw me on the bed. He crawled on top of me and quickly claimed my lips and I wrapped my legs around him. The kiss escalated quickly into a heated passionate tongue wrestle. I lifted my hips to rub against him and he hissed. I was getting hot and my underwear were too wet for my own liking. Zayn’s hand slid down into my underwear and gently rubbed over my slick folds. He then slid up to find my nub and started rubbing it slowly. I threw my head back and moaned. He started kissing my neck again slightly picking up the pace. I moaned his name, digging my nails in his shoulders. He sucked hard and rubbed harder. “Just..ohhhh..get in…me..Now!” I said panting. He pulled my underwear off and came out of his boxer briefs quickly. He slowly, so very slowly, inched his was inside me. I tried to move to hurry him along but he was holding my hips in place. “Patience babe.” He groaned. After he was all the way inside he pulled out and thrust back in quickly. “OH!” I yelled out in surprise. He quickly set the pace and I followed clutching onto him. He moved so swiftly I couldn’t formulate any type of coherent thoughts. He felt soo good moving inside me. I couldn’t hang on much longer. “Hold on babe, I’m almost there.” I bit my lip to try and tried to hold back. I clenched around him and he muttered a curse. He reached down to rub my nub again and I came on contact. Feeling my body’s pull on him made him climax at the same time. We slowly rode out the wave together and he collapsed on top of me. After we caught our breath he rolled us over keeping himself inside me. I snuggled into him and giggled. “What’s so funny?” He asked tracing his fingers along my spine. I shivered. “Nothing, I’m just happy. Very happy.” I said snuggling into him, ready for sleep. “Me too babe.” He said kissing my forehead.  
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