One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


21. No More Toys (Louis)


“Do you know where my phone went?” your boyfriend asked frantically as he dug through his carry-on bag, finding nothing. You had your nose buried in your magazine, almost ignoring him completely, but acknowledging him with a “No…” He huffed loudly as he looked into the dark space between your seats. “Give me your purse.” You immediately shot up from your article on clutch handbags and grasped your purse tightly. “No!” you protested, giving him the sickest look you could force upon your face. “Why not? I need my phone, (Y/N).” he pronounce, his accent evident as he arched his eyebrows. “I don’t go through your things, so you don’t go through mine. I have important things in here, Lou!” He clawed at your grip on the leather bag until he pried your small hands away from the material. “If I don’t have it, you must…” He said under his breath as he unzipped the top. His hair drooped down in front of his eyes lazily, shielding his beautiful aqua eyes and long lashes. You were so distracted that you had completely forgot why you were so worried — But then you heard the buzzing… He peered at you, in shock, through his chocolatey locks and he slowly pulled out a red, vibrating toy. It felt like an eternity before he finally hit the off switch and broke the silence. You gulped down hard as your jaw clenched, twiddling your thumbs idly as he whispered loudly, holding up the rose-colored vibrator, “Why do you have this?” You gulped again, causing your eyelids to flinch a bit at the pressure in your throat. “I, uhm… When you’re not home, I, uh…” You felt your face become increasingly hot as your eyes quickly paced in your skull, sliding from left to right in anticipation. You balled up your fists in embarrassment as you forced your eyes to meet his again. You kept trying to explain, but nothing left your mouth but small squeaks of embarrassment. Louis silenced you by placing a hand over your thigh, stoking it gently up and down as he whispered, “Breathe, babe, it’s fine… No need to be embarrassed, okay?” You nodded your head in understanding as you took deep breaths and laid your head on his shoulder lazily. You couldn’t understand, though, why this was so upsetting to you. “You want me to help you, love?” he asked, rubbing your back in small, gently circles. Intrigued, you looked up and saw a cheeky grin planted on his face, his hair slightly mussed after his smoothly glided his calloused fingers through it. Before you could answer, your body took over your mind and gripped your boyfriend’s wrist with one hand and your purse in the other as you squeezed through it isle and into the one-person bathroom. You slammed the flimsy door behind you as he flipped the sign to ‘in use’. “It’s a bit cramped don’t you think.?” you asked as you looked around at the tight space. “I guess we’ll just have to stay close, huh…” Louis replied as he placed his hand on the small of your back, pressing your bodies tightly together. “Now…” he continued, gazing deeply into your eyes as you both shared body heart. “… Where should we start, hm?” he asked slyly, reaching he hand behind you and into your purse. … You could hear a faint, but familiar buzzing sound coming from behind you as a sly grin crept its way onto your boyfriend’s face. “Louis… Don’t look at me like that.” you protested, pressing a sloppy kiss onto his neck causing him to moan softly. “And (Y/N) don’t do that to me…” he retorted, rubbing the small of your back with his free hand. You were both very squished together, but you loved being close to him, so this had its advantages. He smelled of fresh linen and a sort of manly musk. It was very strong, but not strong enough to sting your nostrils — It was more of a poking and prodding at them, messing with your other sense as you were lost in his scent. You inhaled deeply one last time before you felt a large hand fumbling with your shorts. You watched him struggle, too lost in thought to aid him in his feat. He’s so big. I bet he’s so hard right now That vibrator AND him inside of me… And you felt a sudden rush go through your lower abdomen — Partially from your thoughts, and partially from the swift down-bringing of your bottoms, panties going with. He nudged his knee between your legs, forcing them apart, as he stood to his feet to give you a quick but sloppy peck on the lips. He went back down to his knees and gazed at your dripping heat. “You’re soaking… Who made you this wet, hm?” Before you could answer, his fleshy tongue soon began lapping at your throbbing center, sending you into a frenzy of moans. His name fled from your lips time and time again as you closed your eyes in agonizing pleasure. Louis looked up at you, his aqua orbs melting into your body and turning you to putty in his hands. He knew exactly what he did to you, and he loved it. He began making shapes mindlessly on and around your clit, transitioning between sucking, licking, and nibbling on your most sensitive area. You let your fingers get lost in his auburn quiff, causing him to let out a moan and powerful vibrations shoot through your body, sending you over the edge faster and harder than you though possible. He licked up your juices and pulled back, smirking and licking his lower lip, satisfied. He stood up once more, holding you close to him and kissing you passionately. You could feel the taste of yourself lingering on his tongue, and you let it feel you, only sending your level of ecstasy through the roof. “Louis… I can’t wait any longer…” you pleaded, resting your head on his shoulder as he pressed a feathery kiss to your neck. “You don’t have to, babe…” he chuckled, almost, making you smile briefly. He stood back as far as he could in the limited space that you had and had no trouble removing his belt and sliding his khakis down his slender frame — leaving his Calvin Kleins still covering his large length. You reached out and began palming him through his underwear, earning a moan from your boyfriend. “Don’t tease me, just let me fuck you,” he let out breathlessly. Before you knew it, he had your much smaller body in his hands and he was setting you on his large cock. It all happened so fast, you had completely missed him whipping it out from his briefs. You cringed with pain as he entered you, giving you a short amount of time to adjust before he was slamming his entire member in and out of you. “Oh! Oh Louis!” you yelped out, almost begging for his warm cum to empty from him and find a place to stay inside of you. You threw your head back as he let out the deepest, manliest groan you had ever heard from him. He reached his hand down and pressed his thumb harshly into your clit and began pounding rapidly, causing you to shriek girlishly. “Louis! Fuck, yes!” you exclaimed, panting heavily as you felt your climax approaching faster than you anticipated. “Cum for me, (Y/N)…” he spoke huskily, an intense glare burning into your eyes as you released yourself onto him, riding out your orgasm with loud scream and moans. Within moments, his eyebrows were knitted themselves closely together and his teeth were clamped shut as a loud moan left his mouth. You felt his warm liquids enter your body, shooting out in spurts until he was completely spent. Obviously, there was no space for either of you to lie down, so you were left leaning against the makeshift sink counter, and Louis on your chest, both of you breathing rhythmically. “Louis…” you sputtered, running your fingers through his hair gently. He averted his attention up to you, his breathing calmed a bit. “We never used the toy…” you spoke out, nodding towards to bright red tool sitting on the floor. Your boyfriend shrugged and smiled, then whispering, “I wanted to prove that I was better… And I was right, wasn’t I?” That cheeky boy… “Absolutely.”  
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