One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


4. Nerdy Harry


“Harry, could you please help Y/N with her question while I finish off marking these papers”, Mr Reynolds my history teacher says to Harry as he see’s my raised hand. Harry had always been awkward, he seemed to know nothing other than books and equations, I guess he was a nerd but I hated to think about him as just some socially awkward freak, in fact I found it impossible to think about him that way whenever I saw his emerald green orbs.. “Y/N, earth to Y/N”, Josh my boyfriend laughed as he shook my arm seeing I had gone into day dream mode. Harry had moved from his spot at the front of the class to my desk at the back. “H-h-how c-c-an I help?”, he asked awkwardly, as I had expected. I explained my question and he went about answering it in his nervous stuttery way before getting up to go back to his seat. Josh stopped him; “Is that a boner I see Curly?”, he sniggered as all his friends started laughing as well  “Be nice Josh, he probably doesn’t even know what that is”, one of Josh’s friends added, by know Harry’s cheeks were a deep shade of red. “Does Y/N make you hard?”, someone added, the tormenting continuing on and on, poor Harry looked utterly shocked. “I assure you that Y/N would never touch you, but you can dream”, Josh finished off as the bell went and Harry scurried out of the room. “What the fuck Josh!? That was mean”, I say to my boyfriend, “but true”, he says grabbing my hand and leading me out of the last class of the day and to his car. I see Harry standing by his car, is head in his hands, he looks really hurt. On the spur of the moment I turn to Josh; “I’m going to make sure he’s okay, I’ll make my own way home”. before I know it I was at Harry’s black range rover, not what I would of expected him to drive. I knock on his window for him to open the door so I can talk to him, he does hesitantly  “Are you OK Harry?”, I ask sincerely  he seems shocked by my kindness, “Ye-ea I guess so, I’m sorry”, he mumbles. “Harry you don’t have to be sorry, you did nothing wrong, Josh is going through a “I’m so hot shit let’s pick on everyone else” phase”, I chuckle and if I’m not mistaken I hear a little laugh slip out of his mouth. “I meant I’m sorry about the uh whole “hard” thing”, he says quietly, “Harry, I’m flattered, not offended”, you smirk at him before adding; “And Josh got everything wrong; I would love to touch you”. Harry’s mouth drops to form an O and you let out another laugh, “now, would you mind taking me home, Josh was supposed to take me but I really don’t wanna see his face right know, I can get a ride from your house”, you say and he nods still stunned by your previous comment. The ride from the school to Harry’s is quite short and before you know it your standing at his door; “Do you mind if I come in”, you ask, “sure”, he says avoiding your eye contact, “is anyone else home?”, “No-o-o”, you can tell this question made him uneasy. “Do you want a drink?”, he asks still avoiding your eyes, “I’m fine Harry, can I see your bedroom, I’m interested”, I say, flirting subtly.  He adjusts his glasses nervously before leading you down a corridor to his abode. “It’s nothing much”, he says, I look around fascinated with all the books he has lined up on the right side of the room, all in pristine condition, “I like to read”, he answers as he sees my line of gaze, “I can tell, it’s cool”, I smile before sitting on the end of his double bed. “Harry can I ask you a question?”, “Yea-a?”, “What made you get that boner?”, “Uh uh well guys have this hormone called testosterone and—-“, “Harry that’s not what I meant”, I giggle. “Why did I make you get a boner?”, “because your beautiful”, he says so quietly that it’s just audible. “Can I ask you a question?”, He says quickly changing the subject from him to you, “Be my guest”, “Did you mean what you said in the car, that you would love to touch me?”. “I don’t say things I don’t mean Harry, why is it so unbelievable that I would say that?”, “because your you and I’m, I’m-m me”, he says quietly. “And that’s exactly why I would let you”, I whisper in his ear, he stands there not moving. “Do you want to touch me?”, I whisper in the other ear”, “Uh uh um”, he stutters not being able to answer the question. I take that as a yes and gently pick up his hand and led it under my blouse, pulling my bra down a little and placing his hand on my breast.  ”You have big hands Harry”, I moan, his face is bright red again; “Y/N I cant-t-t do this”, he struggles to say, “That bulge in your pants is saying a completely different thing Harry”, I chuckle. “I’m trying to tell you-u-u I’m a-a-a virgin”, he says ashamed. I take off my blouse completely throwing it on the ground and reach behind me to unclasp my bra; “Do I look like I’m bothered?”, I ask rhetorically as I wrap my fingers into the bottom of his shirt and very slowly pull it up over his head, he lifts his arms for me  to do so. “Your so fucking hot”, I whisper onto his skin as I trace his V lines with my mouth, “No ones ever called me hot before”, he says among his soft moaning and groaning. I stand back up and look into his eyes,”should I take my glasses off?”, “No Harry they’re sexy, Kiss me”, I say. “No ones ever called me sexy before either”, he says blushing even more. Very slowly he leans in attaching his pink lips to mine, he slips his tongue into my mouth gently, exploring my mouth. “Am I doing it right?”, he stops to ask me, “Perfect”, I moan into his mouth as our lips attach again. I slowly walk backwards towards the bed, Harry following, as I fall onto the mattress he does too. “I-I-I Don’t know what to do-o”, Harry says, flustered. “Relax Baby, I’ll teach you”, you answer him as you roll over so your hovering above him now. I crawl down his body,my hands running down him too. I can tell he’s trying to hold in his groaning; “Harry, it’s hot when you groan”, I reassure him,”really?”, he says unsure, “It shows me what I do to you”, you grin and he let’s the noise out of his mouth. I get to his jeans and undo the buttons, looking up and giving him a reassuring smile, he manages one himself, showing his irresistible dimples; I feel myself getting wetter just looking at the effect I’m having on him. I slide his jeans down his body until they’re scrunched up around his ankles and he kicks them off quickly.I then slowly pull his briefs down; Holy shit he’s fucking huge, I let out a little gasp, “What’s wrong?”, he says worriedly, “Nothing Harry, your giant” I say up at him and for the first time, I see a flicker of pride flash through his emerald orbs, and sure enough my panties grow wetter. I look into his eyes as I start stroking his shaft, his mouth has gone back to an O shape as he takes in the pleasure. “Do you like that baby?”, “Mmmmm Y/N”, he speaks. “Can you take off my skirt?”, I ask him innocently and he obliges. He slowly flips us over and runs his hands down my hips, I sense his hesitation. “Don’t be afraid to touch me Harry, I love it, remember”, I grin and his hands press firmer as they move along my body and soon begin dragging my skirt down, my panties are coming down with my skirt and he looks up unsure, I nod and he continues until I’m completely naked. “Touch me with those big hands Harry”, I groan as I part my legs for him, “All that wetness is for you”. His hand timidly brushes past my clit and I whimper at his touch, He looks at me unsteadily before inserting one of his long slender fingers into my center ”Mmmmmmmm”, I moan and Harry has that proud look in his eye again, “Add another one”, I whimper and he does. I continue my long strings of moaning as Harry pumps his fingers in and out of me. “I want to come with you in me”, I say stopping in and he leans down connecting his lips to mine again. “Are you ready?”, I ask him softly, What about a condom?”, “I’m on the pill Harry”, “Oh K Are you ready?”, he asks awkwardly and I can tell he’s freaking out, “Relax baby”, I says stroking his shoulders and down his arms which are holding himself above me, “There’s nothing you could do that would wreck this”, I promise him. He looks into my eyes with his green orbs which are know dark with want, he closes his eyes as he inserts himself into me, going a little bit at a time, I can tell he’s trying to be gentle.  ”Harry baby, move your hips”, I say once he’s fully in me. He begins thrusting in and out, giving grunts each time. His thrusting speeds up and his curls are tickling my face as his forehead is pressed to mine. “Fuck Harry,you don’t know what you do to me”, “Oh my God Y/N”, he groans. The room is filled with our moans, my hands are wrapped around Harry, clinging to his back. “Harry I’m close”, I whimper,  ”m-me too”, he whimpers back, “faster baby”, I moan and within another minute I’m cuming, screaming Harry’s name, “Fuuuuuck y/n mmmmmmmmmm”, Harry grunts as he orgasms as well, he stares in my eyes as he does, letting out another little moan. “That was—”, “Amazing”, I finish off. He finally pulls out of me and lies next to me exhausted, I snuggle into him resting my head on his chest, his arm stretches around me pulling me closer to him. “Thank you”, I smile up at him, “Your thanking me?”, “Harry, that was fucking perfect”, grin kissing him again, “I thought so too”, he grins back with his cheeks blushing at my compliment. Just then my phone buzzes on the floor next to the bed, I groan at it, why did it have to break this perfect moment. “It’s Josh”, I say as I read his bull shit text about how I shouldn’t of gone off with Harry and how the girl’s supposed to show respect to the boy blah blah blah. I get a sudden Idea and tell Harry to smile as I take a photo of us both, attaching the caption; “Oh man I’m so sore, Harry’s so fucking big, ps: you can delete my number now, don’t really wanna talk to you” and send it to Josh. Harry laughs and so do I, “Do you think we’ll ever do that again?”, Harry asks as I kiss his cheek, “Harry, one does not simply have sex that good and not do it again”, I giggle to him and I see that oh so sexy hint of confidence and pride flash through his eyes. “Do you mind if I sleep here”, I ask him, “If that’s what you want love”, “Your what I want baby”, and with that he’s lips are pressed back on mine..  
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