One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


5. Momentary Lapse (Niall)


His hands.  

They seemed to be everywhere at once. There was a light callous here and there from his years of playing the guitar, which tickled her senses even more. His fingers roughly rubbed up her side and the young woman had to sigh into the boy’s mouth.  

If his rough touch was affecting her this much, what reaction would his gentle one receive?  

In her futile, half-hearted attempts to get away, Y/N pushed herself harder into the wall.  

Niall had no objection as he followed suit, pressing his own heated body flush against hers. The kiss deepened on his contact and the young woman could’ve sworn a fire had just ignited within her.  

Mary broke away with a deep breath and turned her head to the side. Niall took this opportunity to rub his lips against her neck causing sharp intake of breath from her.  

Her eyes were shut in a self-admonishing way and she gripped onto Niall’s jacket to make sure her hands would stay in place.  

He had already stripped her jacket to her elbows as he trailed his burning kisses southward.  Y/N’s hands were under his arms and she had to grip his shoulders to keep him where he was.  

Her head tilted back and she opened her eyes to the ceiling.  She could hear the thundering screams of the thousands of fans waiting in the arena.  

But all the pent up tension the two had built up was proving to finally be very difficult to deal with as Niall’s teeth and tongue came into play.  

A low moan of longing escaped the girl’s lips.  

He was mapping her neck and collarbone out with his gifted mouth.  Everything would be so much easier if she could touch him, too.  

But she was their manager’s niece, for Christ’s sake. Y/N’s hands stayed clamped to where they were on his jacket, his back.

She shook her head at what her primal instincts were screaming at her to do. They told her to drag him to the couch, straddle the strapping lad, and ride him like a stallion. Absurd, crazy images ran through her head but she tried to dispel them from her thoughts.  

That blonde head of hair between her legs, those blue eyes shutting in ecstasy.  

She had to bite her lip to keep her imagination from running to wild — as if it hadn’t already.  

Before she could protest, Niall had them both on the large sofa. He twisted around so that he was towering over her and removed his shirt, revealing ivory muscles that had developed as he had grown older.  

Y/N resisted the urge to stroke every inch of skin she could get by grabbing onto the poor sheets.  

She quietly cried out when Niall slipped her tousled shirt higher because she knew what she had to do.  

The young man faltered slightly at the sound and blinked in a clueless manner when she hugged him tightly around the neck.  

Niall was about to continue his ransacking when Y/N hastily shook her head.  

“Stop,” she almost whimpered.  Her quiet plead was heard in his right ear and Niall let his hands support him, one hand on each side of her body.  

Y/N remained in her half-raised position as she felt Niall’s hard but steadying  breathing begin to match her own.  

Her eyes were shut tight while his were more calm.  

Or perhaps suddenly distant.  

“We should never have kissed,” Y/N said in a trembling voice.

“If we did anything more that should be considered plain suicide.”  

Niall knew she was right.  Hell, he was the one who told her that in the first place, even though at the time it had been a joke.  

But how could he stop now?  

Now he knew what she sounded like breathless and hot — and not just for anyone.  

It was for him.  

That was something he knew he wouldn’t get out of his mind so easily.  

His body was still stuck to hers but he wanted to touch more, wanted to explore every nook and cranny.  But his job, her reputation, and their friendships would come in first though—like it always did.  

“Right, sorry,” he muttered, voice still husky.  

Niall pulled away and Y/N landed on the couch with a light bounce.  She stared at him with worried eyes as he pulled his shirt on.  

“Have a good show,” she said as he pulled on his right sneaker, her voice small.  She knew it sounded stupid to say but she had to fill the silence with something.  She was grasping at normalcy.

Niall pulled on the left sneaker and stomped slightly to test it.  

“O’ course,” he replied, back still to her.  

He pulled on his hat and opened the door. “I’ll talk to you later.”  

The door closed in a none-too-friendly manner and Y/N continued to stare at the spot he had been in.  Her eyebrows were creased but she lay down on her side and curled up in a feline fashion, covering her eyes. Tears of frustration threatened to pool up, but she refused to let them.  

“Niall…” She could still feel his hands burning her.  

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