One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


20. Little Hoe (Harry)


“Babe I’ve gotta be on stage in literally 3 minutes” Harry groaned as you palmed him through his jeans teasingly. You ignored his pleads for you to stop and slipped your hand into his boxers, running your hands up and down his shaft ever so lightly and then running your thumb over the head. Harry had know forgotten he had to be on stage so soon and flung his head back in pleasure, “Fuck Y/N, more baby please”, he begged. You cheekily stood up and walked to the door; “You’ve got a show to attend”, you smirked and left the dressing room leaving poor Harry in shock.  *2 and a half hours later* You had been giggling at Harry’s obvious boner throughout the whole concert as you watched from back stage. The boys finally came off the stage and you went to congratulate Harry on his performance; “You did amazing ba-“, he cuts you off by putting his finger on your lips. “Do you have any idea how hard that was, you leaving me hanging like that”, he hisses, “by the looks of things, pretty hard”, you giggle indicating the growing bulge in his jeans. “Naughty hores like you have to be punished baby”, he looks you over with his lust filled eyes before taking your hand and hurriedly leads you to the tour bus, Just thinking about what he’s going to do to you makes you wet. He indicates for you to get on his bed and you look up at him intently; “I told the boys I had to teach you a lesson or two so I’m sure we won’t be interrupted”, he grins as he sees the eagerness in your eyes before continuing his speech; “Here is what I need you to do baby, No touching me or yourself unless I tell you too, I don’t want to hear a single sound come out of your lips unless I tell you too, and don’t even think about cuming unless I tell you too”, you gulp as you think about how hard this will be, you could of screamed his name out already just by him standing in front of you looking so fucking perfect. He leans in and whispers in your ear huskily, his curls tickling your cheek making you shiver; “If you disobey me baby, I assure you it will not be good for you”. He stands back up and you stare up into his now dark emerald orbs, “I want all those clothes of you now”, he whispers again, you don’t break eye contact with him the whole time your stripping. soon your left in nothing and you blush as Harry looks your body up and down with a pleased look on his face; “so now you decide to behave”, he smirks . He reaches into his blazer pocket and you hear a clinging of metal, your eyes widen as he pulls out a pair of handcuffs; “Louis lent them to me, If you break any of my rules, these will keep you inline”, he grins. “Now, I’m going to leave you here to think about what you did for a while, remember my rules”, he chuckles before leaving the room, your absolutely craving him to come back in; your craving his cock. You sit alone on the bed for what seems like an internity, but in reality it’s only been 15 minutes. You know he’s trying to get back at you for earlier today and it’s most defiantly working. Soon you can’t take it anymore and your finger drifts down to your throbbing clit, as soon as it makes contact you let out a whimper, your unbelievably wet.  ”Well well well”, you hear Harry’s voice and jerk your head up to see him standing above you smirking at you ; “The little hore couldn’t wait could she”, he says huskily, softly removing your hand from your pussy, “That’s what the hand cuffs are for I suppose”, he chuckles as he carefully clasps your hands to the bed post,with the metal confinements, making you lie down. “Spread your legs”, he hisses and you quickly part your legs, dangling your feet of the edge of the bed and releaving your dripping pussy to Harry, “Your actually such a fucking hore baby”, he whispers again in your ear as he swipes his finger across your clit, it takes every bit of self control you have left not to whimper, all his dirty talk is driving you crazy for him, and you can tell he knows it as well. He holds his finger up to your mouth teasingly; “taste yourself”, he smirks and you slowly suck juices of his long slender fingers. He pulls his finger sharply out of your mouth and steps back two steps, an even cheekier smirk comes to his face as he agonizingly slowly strips all his clothes of himself, except his briefs, as if you needed to be more wet you think to yourself. He steps back closer to the bed and you and rests his forehead on yours; “I bet this is so hard for a little hore like you, I bet you just want my huge cock in you right now, I bet you want to feel me inside you, maybe if you hadn’t been such a tease earlier, my long fingers would be drumming on your clit right now, my tongue could be attacking your nipples, but no Y/N, you decided to make it hard for yourself”, he said to me, “please harry”, I mistakenly moaned, “your going to regret that” was all Harry said before lifting your legs up delicately and spanking your ass cheek, he strokes the skin softly before repeating the hit, this is surprisingly turning you on, “You like this don’t you you little hore”, Harry says before kissing your lips for the first time that night, “beg for me”, he whispers into your mouth. “Please Harry, I want you so fucking bad”, you almost cry, “but baby, you’ve been sooooooo naughty”, Harry teases as he runs a finger across your collar bone and down to your nipple, squeezing it in his fingers. “Please Harry, punish me with your humongous cock, fuck me until I can’t walk”, you continue. I little smile flashes across his face; “Not a word until I say”, he whispers before thrusting his length into you all of a sudden. The relief of finally having him in you is amazing, you close your eyes in ecstasy as he pounds in and out of you, he’s going so fast you can barely feel him coming out. “Scream my name little hore”, Harry grins at you and you moan his name into his shoulder, “I said scream it!”, he shouts as he spanks your ass again. “Haaaaaaaarry!” you yell, as his thrusts get even faster, the fact your tied up and the way Harry’s being so dominant is making this whole thing so much better; “I’m close”, you whimper to Harry as you feel your orgasm building in your stomach. “Little Hore’s like you don’t deserve to cum just yet”, Harry smirks at you before lowering his thumb to your clit and rubbing it roughly, “Haaaaaaaary I can’t hold it”, you whimper before you clinch your walls around him, letting out a lengthingly moan. You feel him filling your pussy with his cum and he orgasms aswell, before pulling out and kissing your forehead cutely. “Tut tut tut little hoe”, he giggles, “might have to leave you tied up here for longer until you finally learn to obey me”, he grins before leaving the room.  
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