One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


19. Flying High (Zayn)


12 hour or something flight from Los Angeles back to London. You cannot wait to get home. You’re sitting first class with One Direction. Sitting next to Zayn, you were on the window side. Your blind was shut and the trip was mind numbing. Harry and Louis were both sitting next to each other behind you, with Liam and Niall in front of you. Should be an interesting flight. Zayn is staring at the TV screen right in front of him watching 21 Jump Street. You turn and lift your blind up to look outside. Clouds and ocean is all you see. You shut the shade and look forward. You weren’t really in the mood to watch anything. You lean on Zayn’s shoulder and just watch 21 Jump Street on his shoulder. Zayn looks down at you and kisses your head and looks back to the screen. Zayn looks up to Niall’s screen in front of him because he is not watching TV, checking how far away you were. “9 hours to go” Zayn says. “9 hours too long” you say back. “There must be some way to by pass 9 hours” you say sitting up. Zayn looks at you and lifts an eyebrow at you. “What are you implying little miss!?” Zayn asks. “Well,” you say while walking your fingers to Zayn’s crotch. “I mean, if we sit here for ages, our legs with cramp, and we don’t want that” you say moving your fingers over Zayn’s crotch. Zayn moves your hand away as a flight attendant was walking towards you. “When she goes, just follow my lead. I’ll go to the lavatory, and in about a minute, you come to the lavatory. But play it cool” Zayn says. “Did you plan this out before we got on the plane Zayn!? Sounds very organized.” you say. “Shush, I brought a condom” Zayn says. You stare at him and whisper in his ear “Forget the condom Zayn”. Zayn looks at you with a seductive smirk. “Cheeky girl” Zayn says. “I try”. Louis kicks your seat. “Would you too shut up!” Louis says. “I can hear what you’re planning without a condom” Harry says. Zayn turns around and raises an eyebrow at Harry. “Are you pregnant or some shit Harry!?” you ask. “No comment” Louis says sinking into his seat. You turn back and face the front to find Niall and Liam staring at you over the seat. “Okay, I’ll admit that’s pretty cute” you say. The Flight attendants made their way round to collect rubbish from your meal. “Okay, they’re in Economy class now” Zayn says. Zayn undoes his seatbelt and heads off to the lavatory winking at you. You stare at the clock on your TV screen and wait a minute. A minute is up, you look around you and unbuckle your seatbelt and stand up. You look behind you and Harry and Louis are giving you a look. You just walk away backwards heading to the lavatory. Harry and Louis still staring, Zayn grabs your arm and pulls you in. “Did anyone see!?” Zayn asks. “Harry and Louis!?” you say. “Of course” Zayn says. “Lets not worry about them Zayn” you say grabbing onto Zayn’s shirt. Both of your foreheads connect. Zayn smiles down at you and slams you against the door, considering thats the only room on the plane. Zayn starts sucking at your neck softly in most spots, but hard in others to mark his territory. “You’re mine and no one elses” Zayn whispers into your ear. “I’m all yours baby” you say back to him. He smiles against your ear and kisses down to your neck. Zayn slowly lifts your shirt off kissing your belly up to your breasts. Zayn takes your shirt off, then your tank top under it. “No bra (Y/N)!? I love it” Zayn tells you. “Zayn, I gotta be comfortable for a long flight” you say innocently. “Or, you knew we would be doing this, and you chose not to wear to many clothes so you wouldn’t have to put many back on!?” Zayn says. He was right. Zayn, kisses your left nipple, gently biting and tugging on it. “Uh Zayn oh” you groan. Zayn smiles and moves to your other nipple. Giving it the exact same attention. “Ooooh Zaaaayn” you moan. Zayn lifts you up and places you on the toilet. Zayn slowly pulls down your panties. “Well, well, well. Wearing a thong were we!?” Zayn teases twirling it on his finger. “Zayn stop” you tell him. Zayn does an evil laugh and kneels in front of you pulling your body closer to him. “What are you going to do Zayn!?” you ask seductively. “Nothing you need to know” he whispers in your ear. You shudder as his redirects himself back down. He pulls your legs over his shoulder, he now has full access to your vagina. He lifts up your shirt and folds it over your tummy. “Getting excited are we!?” Zayn teases. “Zayn, stop it teasing” you moan. “You’re so wet (Y/N)” Zayn says. “Thank you Captain Obvious” you say. He winks at you before he buries his head in your vagina. He starts licking, biting and nibbling at your clitoris. “Uh! Uh! Zayn! Uh!” you moan. He looks up at you and places his hand over your mouth, and backs back down. Zayn is licking you clean sticking his tongue in and out of your vagina. Teasing you slowly. Zayn moves his magic tongue back to your clitoris and starts sucking on it. Without warning, Zayn decides to insert 2 fingers inside of you. You squeak into Zayn’s hand. Zayn looks up at you and smiles deviously. You’re breathing in heavily, slowly turning into a pant. “Z-Z-Zayn!” you say. Zayn sticks a 3rd finger inside you, pumping in and out harder and harder then softer then harder again just to torment you. Curving his fingers inside of you hitting your g-spot. “Z-Z-ZAAYN!” you scream into his hand. Zayn chuckles against your clitoris, sending you over the edge. Your orgasm ripping through your body, while ever drop is landing in Zayn’s mouth. You begin to relax as you had reached your climax. You’re panting and trying to breathe. Zayn stands up and looks over you. “I’m not done yet” he teases. Zayn is leaning over you, leaning in and kissing you softly on the lips. You can still taste yourself on his lips. Salty. Zayn bites down on your bottom lip. You’re legs feeling like jelly. You won’t be able to walk after Zayn is done with you. Zayn slowly moves his hips trying to make his jeans fall off and was successful. He left his jeans and his boxers just still on his ankles. Zayn’s length is resting on your tummy while he kisses you softly. “Zayn, your dick. Feels, uhh” you say. “Thank you” Zayn says back. Zayn licks your bottom lip for entrance. While demanding dominance, Zayn slams inside of you. Zayn quickly puts his hand over your mouth while you squeal into his hand. You grab hold of the corner of the sink and put your hand on the wall beside you. “Zaaaaaaayn!” you say against Zayn’s hand. Zayn is looking down at you with eyes full of lust. He leans over and kisses your forehead while slamming deep and hard into you. “I’m going to go in deeper now” Zayn warns. “Oh my god! Is that even possible!” you think to yourself. You head casually banging against the wall. “Thats going to bruise” you think to yourself. Zayn’s legs are slapping against yours as he goes in with force. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ll be experiencing some turbulence, so please fasten your seatbelt and keep it fastened until safe” you hear the captain say. “Here we go” Zayn says. Turbulence is kicking in now. Zayn is going much much harder thanks to the force of turbulence. Plane slowing rocking you and Zayn are too. “Uh! Uh! Zayn! Uh! Come! On! Uh!” you moan. “Almost there baby” Zayn whispers to you. “Aaah!”. You’re about to reach your second orgasm. Good god how does Zayn do this. His veins are sticking out of his neck. It is such a major turn on. Vibration of turbulence underneath us kicked in and sent you and both sent you and Zayn to your climaxes. Zayn throws his head back and his thrusts are sloppier. Zayn’s liquid is now inside of you, while you tighten around him. “Oh fuck” you say. Zayn smiles and kisses your lips softly. “How was that!?” Zayn asks. “Brilliant! Bloody brilliant!” you say. You look at your watch. “Zayn, it’s only been 45 minutes”. Zayn smiles “Oh well”. Zayn pulls out of you and slides his boxers on, along with his jeans and shirt. “Meet you back out there”. Zayn says. You smile and throw your thong back on and pull your skirt back down. You find your shirt and tank top and slide them both back on. You open the door and casually walk out slightly limping and wobbly. Zayn is smiling at you and lets you back to your seat. Louis leans over his seat “Gee Zayn. Did you take the worlds longest shit!?” Louis says. “Did (Y/N) need to go so back she pissed on you while you were still taking a dump!?” Louis says. You both turn around to him and he just laughs. “Just kidding. I know what you two were doing. That sex hair doesn’t make itself” he says. You look at Zayn and Zayn looks back at you and smiles. You both lay a kiss on each other. “Round 2 in an hour!?” Zayn asks. “Oh you’re so on!”  
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