One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


10. Extra Credit (Harry)


I sprinted through the halls, already I was forty minutes late for class. No one seemed to notice as I sneak into class, well, except for Mr Styles. He cleared his throat and crossed his arms over his chest. God he was so hot. “Miss Penner, you’re late.” He scolded, “I want to see you after class.” The fact that he said ‘I want you’ turned me on, and I could feel myself begin to get wet. As I sat down my left hand drifted down and into my jeans. Slowly I rubbed circles on my damp pussy, wanting to moan but knowing I couldn’t. The bell went and everyone scurried out, leaving me alone with Mr Styles. One the last student had left he closed the door and locked it, as well as closing the shades. “Miss Penner, you’re failing my class,” He started. I stood up and walked over to his desk. “Is there anything I can do about it Mr Styles I ask seductively. Leaning over and onto the desk so he had the full view of my cleavage. “Anything, anything at all.” I moved foreword and sat on his lap, straddling him on his chair. He kissed me roughly, licking my bottom lip and demanding entrance. When I didn’t give it to him, he bit my lip, slithering his tongue in and letting it explore my mouth. His hands explored my body, stopping and massaging my breasts. A moan escaped my lips and he grinned. I pulled my shirt and bra off, leaving my top half completely naked. He fondled with my breast, beginning to suck, tug and bite each one. He lifted me onto the desk and pushed everything else off. Laying me down and taking off my jeans, leaving me in just my pink thong. He kissed up my thighs, teasing me. “Mr Styles.. please.” I moaned out. “Please what?” He teased. “Please, fuck me.” He chuckled as he pulled my thong off. “Oh believe me babe, I’ll fuck you so hard you wont be able to walk.” He plunged two fingers into me, making my back arch up in pleasure. He carefully slid another in, “Say my name bitch.” “M-mr Styl-les.” I moaned in between gasps. His tongue plunged into me, swirling. I was almost there, I could feel it. A few seconds later I orgasmed, screaming uncontrollably. Something poked my clit and I opened my eyes to see Harry’s length positioned at my entrance. “Ready babe?” I nodded and he thrusted into me, making me scream in please. Faster and faster, the pleasure began to flow through me. “Your so tight,” He got out in between breaths, “I’m almost there.” “Me too.” We both hit our climax’s at the same, time riding them out and then kissing one last time. “So tell me Mr Styles, am I passing yet?” “Maybe, you might have to do a few more extra projects.” He said winking at me.  
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