One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


6. Don’t Wake The Baby (Harry)


I sit at the table in front of the high chair pleading the little boy to open his mouth. “C’mon Baby open wide for the airplane!” I cooed. Nothing. He just sat there staring blankly at me. His little brown curls sat still in place and his gorgeous green eyes with no movement. “Please eat for mommy.” I begged him placing the food down. I groaned sitting back in the chair rubbing my temples.  

“What’s wrong babe?” Harry asked coming behind me and rubbing my shoulders.  

“This kid will not eat at all!” I huffed letting out all the frustration. Harry continued massaging my back extremely slow with those big hands of his.

 “Let me give it a try.” He smiled sitting down. “Whose my big boy! Will you eat for daddy?” He asked and the baby’s eyes lit up as he started giggling. “That’s my boy.” Harry laughed as he fed him the baby peaches.  

“Whatever I’m going to go and check on Darcy. Make sure you wipe Thomas’ mouth when you’re done feeding him.” I told Harry as I got up and left the kitchen. I walked down the hall into the nursery smiling at the little girl sleeping. Her lips molded into a tiny smile allowing her dimples to appear lightly. “Mommy’s angel.” I whispered picking up the toys around the room.  

After I was done cleaning up Darcy stirred in her sleep and soon the sound of cries filled the room. “Shhhh.” I hushed bouncing the baby back and forth. Eventually she hushed and I walked out of the room with her humming lightly. Harry was sitting on the floor with little 3 year old Thomas playing legos or whatever. I sat down on the couch behind Harry and rocked Darcy back and forth. “I can’t believe she’s almost a year old.” I sighed looking down at the sparkling blue eyes of the baby. “I know time flies.” Harry chuckled. I placed Darcy down in the play pen next to the couch allowing her to try and crawl around a bit. I placed my hands on Harry’s shoulders and rubbed back and forth trying to relieve any stress he collected from home life or work life. “Right there.” He sighed as I felt a knot in his neck. “You’ve always been good with your hands.” He smirked turning around to look at me. I glared at him giving him the not now look. “I won’t lie. You’re good at everything.” He put extra emphasis on everything. “Although I have forgotten a bit, it’s been so long.” He dragged out rubbing my leg up and down.  

“Harry stop.” I whisper yelled at him. I looked over at Thomas who was caught up in his lego building.  

“C’mon babe, soon.” He pleaded his eyes dark. I sighed a bit as his hand went up higher rubbing my thigh. There was a knock on the door and I quickly jumped up.  

“Hi is Thomas home!” Our little neighbor Aiden piped up. I pointed over to where Thomas was. “Thomas I got a new lego game come play!” Aiden squealed excitedly. Thomas jumped up and chased him down the hall to Aiden’s flat down the hall.  

“One down one to go.” Harry winked at me walking away. I wanted Harry. I really wanted Harry actually, but with two young kids it just wasn’t possible. It was sexually frustrating knowing I couldn’t do anything with my husband for almost a year or two now.  

I walked into the kitchen and started to prepare dinner. I stood at the counter stirring the pasta when Harry came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. “Hey love.” He whispered in my ear making me shiver. He kissed my neck and I tried my best to ignore him and push him away. “Harry I’m trying to make dinner.” I sighed pushing him off me.  

“I don’t want pasta… I’m hungry for something else… He smirked. He placed his hot lips on my neck again leaving tiny love bites here and there.  

“I can’t do this anymore.” I groaned. I walked away into the living room and saw Darcy sleeping peacefully. I walked back into the kitchen  and grabbed Harry’s wrist pulling him behind me.  

“Listen to me. One rule: Don’t wake the baby.” I smirked at him pinning him against the bedroom wall. I attacked his lips with mine kissing him roughly but still passionately. His hands roamed down my body. His finger tips finding there way to my stomach leaving light touches.  

“I’ve been waiting so long.” He huffed his eyes dark with lust. “Seeing your sexy body everyday and knowing I can’t touch you kills me.” He growled in my ear, nibbling my ear lobe.  

“Harry just… please.” I sighed as his hands snaked under my bra. He cupped both breasts in each hand massaging them roughly as I moved my body closer to his. I pressed my hips against his growing erection making him moan. I pulled at his t-shirt dragging his toward the bed. I laid down and he crawled on top of me with a hungry look in his eyes.  

“I have alot of time to make up for.” He smiled looking my body up and down.” “Good then shut up and make up for it.” I pulled him down connecting our lips. His tongue sliding into my mouth as we battled for dominance. He easily one with me being distracted as he traced my inner thighs. I peeled off my shirt as he did the same.  

“Looking good for a mom of two.” He winked placing kisses on my stomach moving down. He reached my pants and tugged at them as he rolled them down my legs dropping them to the floor. I fumbled with his belt trying to do the same to him and finally got it off. He stood up and kicked his jeans off adding to the growing pile of clothes. I told him to lay down and then climbed on top of him running my finger over his stomach.  He grinded my hips into him making him moan and his erection grow underneath me. I smirked knowing at this moment I had him in my control. I walked my fingers down slowly to the elastic of his boxers and pulled them up only to let them slap back down. “Now should you go first or me?” I questioned playfully. Without saying anything Harry flipped me over regaining his control in the matter. I arched my back and he unclipped my bra throwing it somewhere in the now dark room. He slid my underwear down my legs as I stirred in anticipation. “Harry just go already!” I whined. He moved down me opening my legs and sitting between them. He traced his long fingers up and down my inner thigh making me wet. Without any warning he slid on digit into me pumping in and out slowly. It had been so long since I’ve felt this type of pleasure. He added another digit increasing his speed greatly making me moan a bit louder. He leaned down his hot breath coming in contact with my clit. He removed his fingers abruptly and slid his tongue along my moist slit making me shiver. He rubbed my clit with his tongue as his tongue plunged inside of me faster and faster. I entangled my fingers into Harry’s hair while he worked on me making me moan. “Harrryyyyyy!” I moaned louder than expected. “I’m sorry I can’t wait any longer.” He stopped and backed away pulling his boxers down allowing his erection to slap up to his abs. He crawled back on top of me and stretched my legs open wide as he positioned himself at my entrance. “Ready?” I nodded gripping the bed sheets as Harry pushed into me slowly. It had felt like forever since I felt him inside me.  

He pushed my knees down further making me spread my legs wider.  

“Holy shit! You’re so tight.” He groaned. He started thrusting in and out slowly at first. Beads of sweat already visible on his forehead. The position we were in only turned me on more as my moans got louder and Harry’s thrusts got harder and faster.

 “I-Im close!” I groaned digging my nails into his back.  “Me too! Wait for me…” His thrust became sloppy as he neared his high along with me. I couldn’t hold it anymore and released letting my orgasm over take me. The room became filled with both of our moans. He pulled out of me and collapsed beside me his chest rising and falling.  

“I love you so fucking much.” He breathed placing his hand on my chest looking over at me. “I love you so fucking much too.”  

I laughed trying to catch my breath. “I didn’t wake the baby so what do I get as a prize.” He winked at me. “I don’t know let me just head back to the kitchen to finish off dinner.” I winked at him putting extra emphasis on head. His eyes lit up an he looked at me with a cheeky grin. “Can’t wait.”  

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