One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


2. Always (Niall)


Nialls POV  I peep through the door frame to see my gorgeous (y/n) sittin on the edge of our queen bed. Her small fingers slowly making their way up and down the neck of my wooden guitar. Her face portrays concentration, her eyes Scanning back and forth between the TAB on her sheet music and her fingers plucking the strings. She places the guitar next to her, throwing her palms up to her face, rubbing her tired eyes. I walk in behind her tracing soft circles over her back, my finger tips kneading into her shoulder blades. Her muscles are tight, caught up in knots. I continue to trace  patterns on her bare shoulder, moving inward coming in contsct with her curly hair.she wriggles a little beneath my touch. My lips find thebsoftness of her skin, tracing small kisses towards her ear. “dont get worked up baby”. A soft moan escapes her lips. I sit down beside her, picking the cold guitar up from the bed. “let me help you”. I look over at the Tab, it’s her own song. My fingers dancing over each fret searching for the string. The soft sound escapes the guitar, playing effortlessly. She smirks at me with jealousy, her pale blue eyes burning a hole into mine. She clasps her small fingers around the guitar, positioning it across her tiny crossed legs. Her fingers dance over the strings, the tune escaping. Her voice hums the words, she reaches the bridge. The melody no longer flowing, her frustration level rises as she attempts the line over and over again. I sit behind her placing her small body in-between my legs. I put my fingers over hers, we shadow the tab sequence together, slowly, fret by fret. She suddenly sits up, setting thr guitar leaning against the bed. She heads for the kitchen, I follow behind her and find her leaning against the sink, a glass of water in her hand. “niall, I can’t do it”. “yes you csn (y/n) it just takes practice, one step at a time”.  Your POv I’m so frustrated with myself. I turn around tracing my hands around his neck and clasping them together. The familiar taste lingers on his soft lips, our bodies molding together. I kiss him again, turning my body into his completely, knees knocking against each other, I trace the edge of his shirt. He smirks into my lips. He leans in, kissing me tenderly then sets his lips onto the bare skin of my shoulder so my entire body can hear him. “I’m so in love with you”. I smile at him, my fingers brushing through his soft blonde hair, pulling him down to me, whispering into his ear. “I’m so in love with you”. “I can’t believe how beautiful you are” he says slowly, his eyes deeply locked with mine, staring into my soul, pure lust, pure passion. His hand lifts my face and he slowly kisses me. I was so used to him saying things like that to me, making me melt. He wrapped my legs around his waist, hitching me up by the bum. Kissing me softly, leading me back in the bedroom. He slowly puts my body onto the bed, placing his large hands either side of my head, slowly he lowers his body, hovering over mine. His lips conjoined onto mine, his breathe sending shivers through my body. His tongue begging for entrance, tracing my lips. He dances over thr inside of my cheeks, making contact with my tongue, fighting for dominance. His fingers playing with the hem of my shirt, teasingly rolling it up my slim body, over my chest. Our lips only disconnecting while he carefully brings it over my head. I feel his cold fingers linger over my breasts, massaging them. A moan slowly escapes my lips. I plead for more, pulling his shirt over his head. My palms play with his defined chest, my fingers dancing down towards his shorts. I untie the string, bribing the fabric over his hips, down his knees and his ankles. I quickly strip off my shorts and panties, on full display. The only thing separating us is the thin material of his boxes. I throb where I want him most, desire overwhelms me. His tongue dances around my belly, lowering down towards my clit. His fingers massage me, curling in and out. Pounding, throbbing, overwhelming sensations. He hits my g-spot over and over again, I let my liquids go on his fingers, coming down from my high. He licks them seductively, pressing them to my lips, I taste myself.  My hand finds his member, hard. I spread thr precum, clenching him. I stroke him harder and harder, getting faster everythime. Loud moans escape his lips, a smirk lurking on my lips. I bend down and take him all, hitting my throat. I pull out teasingly and he pinches my shoulder biting his lip.  He places himself at my entry, I nod eagerly, letting him know I’m ready. He thrusts in, making me feel full, his length taking up my whole area. I whimper from the pain, he stops but I usher him on. It soon turns into pleasure, the sensation taking over my body. Each thrust becomes harder and harder, hitting my g-spot. I’m close, our moans untimely chorus through thr bedroom, the bed head banging against the wall. “I’m here” I whimper out to harry, “one sec” he whispers “5seconds” I can’t hold much longer, he pants in my ear, his bare skin slapping against my breasts. We climax together, echoing eachothes name through the room. Riding it out together. I turn to face him, giving him a peck on his cheek. His blonde hair sticks to his forehead, beads of sweat dripping down his cheek, flushed bright red. “I love you (y/n)”. “love you always niall james horon”. The sun has set. I pull his hand our fingers intertining. The moonlight reflects of the water. Still naked, we slowly make our way down the steps of the pool. The water sending chills down my spine, niall takes a dive and pops up through the surface of the water, his hair slicked back neatly down his neck. He slowly swims over to me, gracefully picking me up and placing my legs around his waist, he grabs my bum, crashing his lips onto mine.  We run back inside, leaving soggy footprints on our white carpet, niall reaches for the towels, wrapping one around me and him, our cold bodies warming each other up.I settle down on the couch, intertwined into nialls body, fitting together perfectly. We fall asleep wrapped in each other, warmth of our bodies. I shuffle on the seude couch, adjusting my position, looking for my partner. I pat the spot where he settled down last night, finding it empty. I stumble into the kitchen, covering my naked body with the blanket. The post it note on the kitchen bench reads ‘hi (y/n), sorry I had to leave early. It’s a big day, i won’t be long, just sorting some stuff out at the studio. Love always xxx” Niall and I had been in a relationship for 8months, but going public wasn’t something I was ready to do yet. The media was overwhelming for Niall, I wasn’t ready.  Today I had my gig, nothing compared to any of nialls. I got into the shower, spreading the mango soap over my body, thinking about nialls hands instead of mine. Uncontrollably, my hands reached down to my clit, moans of nialls name escaped my lips, I imagined his hands, pumping in and out of me, touching me, massaging me only where I want him most. I turned around to see him naked at the door way, he steps into the shower with me, filling the palm of his hand with soap, massaging it all over my body, my breasts press up against the cold tile wall, his lips sinking into my neck, on my sweet spot. He lathers my shampoo onto my hair, massaging my scalp, his hard on sticking into my back. I wanted it so bad, I had to be out of thr house though. We both get out quickly, getting dressed into my royal blue dress and black strappy wedge heels, I position my hair in a bun on the top of my head, I place my rayban sunglasses on the top of my head. My foundatio and mascara naturally applied. Niall stands at the bottom of the stairs with my guitar, he kisses the top of my head. “let’s go love”.  Today is the day that I risk the paps seeing me, the butterflies spread through my stomach, the nerves overwhelming me. My fists clench as I sit in nialls car, my legs bopping up and down uncontrollably. “calm down love, you’ll be amazing”. He always tries his best to comfort me. Nialls POV:  I hop out of the car walking around to (y/n)’s side. I bring her into a hug, her usually pink cheeks have gone pale, she’s shaking uncontrollably. I have to leave her now, I can’t be seen. I wish her luck and watch as she walks through the front door. A black car pulls into the car park. The familiar laughter of the band echoes through the open space. Security leads us through the back entrance, sitting us on a table up the back of the small theatre. there isn’t more than 200 people, a small gig. But it’s (y/n)’s first and we’re all here to support her. Liam and Danielle chat quietly with each other while El, Lou and Harry are in deep conversation. I turn to zayn and Perrie who are busily kissing and holding hands, telling them to pull themselves together. The MC makes his way onto the stage, introducing (y/f/n) (y/l/n). She squints her round eyes at the lights. Her hand shakes, the assistant adjusts her microphone. The melody flows out, her voice in perfect tone. The bridge is coming up, I grip onto the side of my chair, my fists sweaty and clenched tightly. It’s perfect, her fingers plucking the strings in perfect sync. I look over toward Harry, he’s smiling proudly. The applause is exasperating, she’s all mine. The claps echo, 200 people.  She comes out and sits down on the chair next to me, all the boys congratulating her. She turns to me, her smile is priceless. I kiss her lips, my arms wrapping around her slim body. “you were amaZing (y/n)”. The  The main act comes out. We all sneak out the back, our laughter loud and clear. The vans pull up and we all get in, dropping off zayn and Perrie first.   Your POV: I feel refreshed, overly stoked with my performance. Niall and I walk into the front door, fiddling with the key. I grab a class of water and watch niall strutting up the stairs, I follow reaching our bedroom and slipping on my trwckies and grey Tshirt. “I’m making some dinner”.  I reach for my phone, my lock screen covered in mentions, I slide it open. The tweets I have received are brutal. @sjjxjsjx ‘who is that ugly girl, niall could do so much better’. @jpwozncneeoq ‘since when?!?! I was the only one for him, she’s just not right’ The truth was that the messages did hurt, photos of Niall and I coming out from our house had spread like wildfire. The tears rolled down my cheeks, creating a puddle on the doona. The only thought that crossed my mind was why did he choose me and what was the reason for the photographs coming out like that. The light footsteps pattered against the stairs, I quickly wiped away the tears. Niall walking in, coming to sit down next to me, letting me sink into his solid arms. “stop crying and please tell me what’s wrong”. I pass Niall my phone, he scans over the messages and runs downstairs suddenly, coming back up with his iPad in his hand. His twitter application loads and he starts typing, the clicking of the iPad sounding. @niallofficial: ‘I’m sorry I’ve hid this from you, but I’m in love. I’m happy with her. @(yourtwittername) love always x’ I cuddle up next to him, the tears soaking into his white shirt.  He strokes my hair softly and cradles me, carrying me down the stairs and placing me on our couch. He runs into the kitchen, I can hear the pots and pans clatteing around. On the tray is a chicken stirfry and a glass of wine. We sit down watching friends, just the company of each other. “love you (y/n)” “love you niall”.  “always” “always”.  
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