One Direction Imagines (Collection 2)

Just some One Direction Imagines


1. Proposal (Liam)



The nerves were surpressing me, my knees were shaking. Sitting here waiting for the love of my life to walk through the doors of the restaurant. The little blue box sitting in my pocket. I have had this all planned out for months and now its finally here. I made it so it was today, on our 3 year anniversary since I first met (Y/N). And now she is here.  

(Y/N) looks stunning, walking through the doors looking around for me, wearing a knee-length light blue dress, with white stripes, and blue toms. A blue bow sits in her hair. More beautiful than I have ever seen her before. She see’s me and our eyes meet. I watch her with awe as she walks over. It feels like its just her and I in this crowded restaurant. 

“Hey.” She says sweetly. “Hello, love.” I reply kissing her lightly on the cheek. “This place is wonderful.” Summer says looking all around her. “Its perfect but not as perfect as you.” I respond smiling as I am pulling out the chair for her. She sits down and lays the napkin across her lap. I go back to my seat, reach across the 2 person table and grab her hand.  

“What are we doing here tonight?” She asks a bit concerned. I laugh under my breath smirking, “You’ll see, babe.” “Hello, what would you guys like tonight?” The waiter asks us. “Finest bottle of champagne and 2 pieces of red velvet cake.” I reply, looking over at summer smiling. She has a confused look on her face. I laugh loudly, “Babe I am going to the bathroom I will be right back. “Okay.” She replies. I give her a kiss and head to the bathroom.  


(Y/N) POV:  

Liam was taking forever in the bathroom. I already had one glass of the champagne and the cakes are coming. I am still confused on why we were here. I know its our anniversary, but the past couple times we just stayed and spent time together at each others houses. So what is with the fancy dinner? The manager of the restaurant comes out to the stage and says into the microphone, “Hello everyone! How are you guys tonight?” Everyone cheers, including myself. “Good! Good!” He continues, “Well tonight is a very special night and we have a very special guest, One Direction’s LIAM PAYNE!” Everyone is cheering again but louder and I have a wide smile as I clap. “Hello everybody.” Liam says, “Tonight is very special because I brought my girlfriend Summer here with me and I am going to dedicate this next song to her.” Tears were flooding my eyes, I smile from eat to ear. He starts singing Please Don’t Go by Mike Posner. Our eyes are locked and a tear escapes his as the song comes to an end. I love this boy so much. “Great job Liam!” the manager says once he was done, “I understand you have an anouncement to make?” “Yes sir,” Liam replies,” As I said before I have my girlfriend here tonight and I would like to say something to her,” He jumps down off the stage and walks over to me with a bouquet of white roses in his hands. He hands the roses to me and kneels down, “(Y/N), I love you with all of my heart. I love you more than anything in this world. I love your beautiful brown hair and brown eyes. I love the way you laugh and nothing and always have a smile on your face. I love how strong you are, your past made you into someone I am in love with, i love all of you and all of your scars. There is overall nothing I don’t love about you. You are the most amazing, beautiful, and you are the one for me. You are my angel.” At this point we both have tears running down our face. Liam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a little blue box and opens it. It was a ring. A beautiful white gold and diamond ring. I gasp and put my hand over my mouth crying harder as he continues,” I can’t live without you so spend the rest of my life with me, Lets spend it together. Make my dreams come true and be my wife. (Y/N) will you marry me?”  

I am in utter shock and reply with a shy but certian,”Yes.” Liam slides the ring onto my left ring finger, grabs both of my cheeks and kisses me. I kiss him back with passion and power. We are both still crying. Kissing him like this, the crowd clapping and lights flashing around us is drowning out and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with this boy. good-night-darling

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