~Gotta Be You~

A popular british band goes to a new school.


4. The Carnival: Part 2

Marissa's POV:

"So where is Harry"? I asked with a smirk on my face. "He's grabbing some popcorn" said Liam. "Hey Marissa. Wasn't expecting to see you here."! Harry said.  "Yeah me too" I laughed. "Can we go now Marissa?" Jake whined. "Okay Ill see you later kay guys?" I said. "WAIT! Can I come to?" Harry said with a smirk on his face. I looked at Jake so he could reply. "Sure why not?" Jake said with a fake smile. "Yay Thank You Jake"! I said with a huge grin on my face. "So where do you guys wanna go first?" Jake said. "Let's go to that Haunted Manshion!" I pointed. "Tickets Please" the huge man said. We went in. I saw a lot of scary things. Harry and Jake were on each of my side. Then, something huge pop out of my face a fake spider. I screamed. And squeezed Harry's hand.  it wouldn't be that scary." I said. "Haha aren't you a little cutie?" Harry said. I blushed. "Let's just go on a little car ride to get you cool off or whatever." Jake said. Me and Harry agreed with Jake's option. We stood in line and finally we were first in line. The lady opened the gate to let us me and Harry through but not Jake. "No sir you can't ride with your friends only two people per car. You have to wait till the next car comes sorry." said the Lady. "Im sorry Jake." I said with a frown. Me and Harry got into a car. I was the one who was driving. I steered the wheel. Good thing it wasn't a real car. "Your such a bad driver" Harry said. "Oh shut up!" I said. "Um..Marissa I know we only met but I need to tell you something" Harry said. "What is it?" I replied back. "I think Im in l" Harry said he got interrupted by Jake. He was behind us honking his dumb horn. "So what were you going to say Harry" I said with a smile. "Um..nothing I forgot" Harry said with a smile. Finally it was 6:00pm. It was finally for the boys to Perform. "Good Luck Harry!" I said. "Thanks love" Harry replied Then he planted a kiss on my cheek. I blushed. The boys went on the stage. "Good Afternoon Directioners!" Liam said. "Were going to sing a song for you now!" Niall said. They sang. Kiss You. Me and Eleanor danced. "Marissa?" Jake said. "Yes"? I replied. Jake kissed me....

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