~Gotta Be You~

A popular british band goes to a new school.


2. At the ice cream shop

Marissa's POV:

School ended already. I was really happy I got to meet Louis and Niall. I hope I get to meet the other boys. Jake was catching up to me. "Why didn't you stop? I was calling your name a couple of times" Jake said. I laughed. "I'm sorry" I said. Jake walked himself home. While I went to the ice cream shop. I went inside Basket Robbins and ordered chocolate ice cream on a cone. I walked out and bumped into someone. "Aww my ice cream" I said. "Oh gosh I'm so sorry love Ill buy you a new ice cream" the mysterious boy said. That voice sounded familiar. I looked up and it was Liam Payne from One Direction. "No it's fine" I said smiling. I looked at his shirt and it chocolate ice cream on it. "I'm sorry about your shirt". "It's fine babe" he said. Liam Payne called me babe I was screaming inside of my body. "I'm Liam Payne from One Direction". "Yeah I know I'm Marissa" I said smiling. "You must go meet the rest of the guys" he said. Liam pulled me from my arm and dragged me through the door. Harry! Zayn! he yelled. "Meet this wonderful girl her name is Marissa" he smiles at me. Zayn smiles at me and hugs me for some reason. But I liked it. Harry takes my hand and kisses it. I felt my face burning. "Nice meeting you guys but I should get going before my mom freaks out". I gave them each a hug and wave good-bye to the boys. "Wait Marissa"!! I turned around and it was Harry calling my name. "Can I walk you home?" Harry said. "Sure" I said with a smile on my face. Me and Harry were talking nonstop on the way to my house. "Well here's my house anyways thanks for walking me" I said. "No problem love" he said with a smirk on his face. I gave Harry one last hug and went inside my house. 

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