My crazy complicated life ( one direction fanfic )

Camilla always dreamed of her prince charming but when she meets one direction, her life changes. Everything changes. Two boys falling for one girl. Who will she choose? This is my crazy complicated life.


1. masquerade ball

camilla's POV:

'hurry up!We are going are going to be late!' my best friend, Lily said. I groaned and picked up my baby blue bag.We were going to attend a masquerade ball to celebrate the success of a recent charity ball. Both of us had modelled for the charity ball and it was a huge success. I looked down at the dress that Lily had picked for me, a blue silk dress with mermaid effect and distinct veils that begin over the knee to reach the whole length of the dress. Lily was wearing a knee-high black lace dress with lace overlay detail. ' You do know that one direction will be at the ball right?' Lily said. I snorted and replied,' fat chance bumping into them! I will never get to see them.'. Lily and i were huge directioners and we would DIE to meet them. 'Well you never know.....' Lily said, her voice full of hope. I opened the door and entered the limo that was waiting outside our house. Apparently invited guests do have private limo. In the limo, Lily and I talked during the journey there. Not before long, I looked outside the window and saw a lot of expensive cars. Yup, we were definitely there. I slipped on my blue jewelled mask while Lily wore her black lace mask.Lights blinded us as I opened the car door.

Harry's POV(before the party):

'Guys, I can't get my quiff right....'Zayn moaned. Typical Zayn. He takes HOURS to get ready.' Zayn,I'm starving' Niall complained. Well no suprise there.'Seriously??! Now is so not the time.' I said. Zayn had FINALLY came out of his room. 'It takes ten minutes to go there and we are already half and hour late. Simon would be so pissed.' Liam said. Thanks for that captain obvious.I rolled my eyes.The five of us entered the limo but since there was hundreds of fans, we took another ten minutes to reach the car. I don't even know how fans find out where we live.Note to self : never underestimate the power of hardcore directioners! I love them, I really do but sometimes I need my privacy.During the journey, we jammed out to songs on the radio and we soon reached the ball.Louis came with Eleanor,Zayn with Perrie. Liam was reluctant to come but we forced him to. All he do everyday is mope around and cry. Poor guy. His breakup with Danielle really affected him.I looked around, taking in the decorations. There was a lot of people dancing. 'Harry go get me a drink.' Louis ordered. 'And why must I?' I said. Really, these guys should just get a maid.'Because I'm the carrot king and you are my servant!'Louis replied. I stomped off angrily towards the refreshment table.Suddenly I bumped into someone.'Ouch!'. I would never forget her voice. The voice that made my heart beat.

Author's note: So there you go! I was bored and decided to write this story. What happens next? Will they meet and become friends or enemies? Read on to find out! If you are reading this, thank you so much. If you have any comments, please tell me. This is my first ff so I need some advice. Please vote and comment . Oh and if its horrible, I'm sorry.

xoxo A

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