His Smile Is Gone Forever

Harry is dead. Overdosed himself. Can Louis cope with his beloved best friend's death? Will One Direction stay together? Will Louis stay alive or kill himself to be with Harry? Read to find out :3 WARNING: Sad story!


1. The Last Moment with Harry

The story is all in Louis' point of view (POV)


Harry sits on the left of me, laughing at the joke Alan Carr told him about cats. I look at Liam sitting on my right, Zayn next to Liam and Niall next to Zayn. Zayn laughs and Niall sniggers. Liam and I grin at the same time. It was One Direction's fourth appearance on the Alan Carr: Chatty Man show. We all enjoyed coming on Alan's show. Alan always made us laugh every time we made an appearance on the show. "That's all for this week! Thank you One Direction, for coming here!" Alan says, facing the camera. The crowd gives a loud cheer as we stood up from the couch and walk out of the studio. I give Harry a hug, "That was brilliant mate! The joke, wow, that was a brilliant one!" I chatter. Harry's smile turned into a frown, "I only pretended to laugh so our girls (the fans) would smile as well. I hated the pussy joke." He says, frowning. I look at him, surprised. He usually was just as cheery as me, laughing at any joke Alan or I crack. But today, he was different. He wasn't Harry Styles anymore. He was a Famous Harry Styles now. I sigh loudly, letting go of Harry. Harry took his phone out and he called his mum, he stormed off to his flat without saying bye to us. He was usually the first to go home to our shared flat, and he always hugged us bye before setting off. He was certainly different and I knew there was something bugging him. I decided that I should leave him alone, let him think about whatever is bugging him. "Fancy going to my flat?" Liam piped up after a long, awkward silence. Zayn and Niall nodded, and I grinned, "Sure!". We all got in my Jeep and I set off driving towards Liam's flat. Liam unlocked his flat's front door and all four of us stepped in. There were cardboard boxes in his dining room, full plastic bags in his kitchen. "Guess you never had the time to tidy up after Danielle moved out?" Zayn said, looking around Liam's flat. Liam nods sadly, "Please. Don't talk about Danielle. I still get upset over her." Liam replies, looking down at the ground, whimpering quietly. Niall wraps his arms around Liam's shoulders, "It's okay mate" he comforts. Liam looks at Niall, "Thanks mate, you're a true friend." "NIAM!!!" I shout out randomly, and the others burst into laughing. We stayed at Liam's house overnight and I started to worry because we heard nothing from Harry. No text, no call, no Tweet. "I guess I'll better get going back home. To check on Harry because he didn't seem himself yesterday, bye guys" I say, standing up on my spare bed. "Bye!" Zayn calls. Niall was still sleeping, sucking his thumb. Liam was in the kitchen, making breakfast. I gave Zayn a hug, and took a picture of Niall with my iPhone, and hugged Liam, then I got in my Jeep and drove home to Harry's and mine flat.

I went upstairs, to have a look if Harry was still asleep. Harry was, or so I thought. I creep over to Harry, only to discover he wasn't breathing, then I find three 20-pill jars under his bed. He had overdosed himself. I shake him gently at first, then shaking him more harder. Nothing. I felt his hand, it was cold. It was clear that he killed himself yesterday. Tears start rolling down my cheeks and I cry into Harry's chest. "Why did you leave me?" I sob. Harry looked like he was only asleep. I wiped away my tears and I look into his wardrobe to keep some clothes as a memory of Harry. My best friend. He was my bestest friend ever, a better friend than anybody else, even more better than Liam, Zayn and Niall. I could tell Harry anything and we knew everything about each other. I looked at his tattoos on his arm, 'Hi' this tattoo made me cry even more, and I looked at my 'Oops!' tattoo. These tattoo showed what we first said to each other when we first met in the X-Factor toliets. I take a picture of all his tattoos, as another memory. I went into the living room. The TV was on, showing the Alan Carr show all over again. Harry had recorded it and put it on reply for the person to discover his dead body, to remember him like he was in the show, laughing and smiling. I burst into tears again. I sat down and watched Harry and I looking at each other and laughing loads, crying the whole time. I had so many unanswered questions that only Harry could answer. I had more hugs to give him, more new jokes I could crack to him, more time I could spend with Harry. I hug my knees, watching the programme all over again, for the fourth time. I went on Twitter and read Harry's last tweet before he died: 'Many love to all our fans! I'm so proud of my boys!' The tweet was tweeted just before we went live on Alan's show. I retweeted it, and favourited it. I stand up after watching the show the nineteenth time. I went into the kitchen and remembered when Harry used to shout at us to get out of his kitchen while he was cooking something. I cried again, struggling to hold back my tears. I opened the saucepans cupboard, and I take out Harry's favourite saucepan, he always cooked his speciality; Mexician food, with this pan. But as I held it in my hands, I felt something sellotaped to the bottom of the pan. I turn it over and I gently peeled the tape off the eight sheets of paper. The sheets had writing from them. I realised that they were messages for his loved ones. They all were labelled: Louis, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Eleanor, Tomlinson Family, Mum, Gemma. I shakily took out my iPhone out of my red jeans' pocket and I texted Liam, Niall, Zayn, Gemma, Anne (Harry's mum) and Eleanor: Hey! Please come to Harry's flat urgently! I'm not joking! Lou xx.

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