His Smile Is Gone Forever

Harry is dead. Overdosed himself. Can Louis cope with his beloved best friend's death? Will One Direction stay together? Will Louis stay alive or kill himself to be with Harry? Read to find out :3 WARNING: Sad story!


2. Louis' letter and Liam's letter

The others arrived in 10 minutes and when they arrived, I didn't say much, apart from, "Hi, sit there," and pointing to sofas in the living room. The Alan Carr: Chatty Man was still on replay and the others kept asking me why it was on replay. I handed them Harry's suicide notes. "I'll read mine first," I say, opening my letter.

Dear Louis,

By the time you read this letter, I would have died by then. I'm so sorry BooBear. I don't want to die but I want the hate to stop and the only way for the hate to stop is to kill myself, so, goodbye Lou. I will miss you and I know you will miss me but don't worry, I'm here, looking over you. I will miss Larry Stylinson and I will have failed you all. I promised to be here till the end but I'm not here anymore. I'm sooooo sorry Louis, for breaking my promise. Please can you tweet using my account, saying: RIP Harry, he had died because of the hate he had recieved. Goodbye Haz.

Again, I'm sorry BooBear. I will miss the others but I will miss you the most. Goodbye Louis William Tomlinson, and thank you for helping me have a good life for the past 2 years. One Direction forever! Please make sure that One Direction carries on for as long as possible because I don't want to let down the fans. I love you forever and always, bye Louis.

Harry xxx

I read my letter out loud and when I finished, I was in tears. "Goodbye Harry," I whisper under my breath, "Who's next to read out their letter?" I say, looking up at the others. Anne was crying uncontrolablly. Gemma was hugging Anne, crying herself. "I'll read mine next," Liam says, and he begins to read out Harry's letter to him;


Hey Liam,

You have always been the smart guy out of One Direction, and I loved it when you wore your batman suit to halloween party earlier this year. I'm really sorry to be gone, and I wanted to stay here and learn what it's like to be old. What it's like to be your age. I never reached 19 but I wanted to but the hate was too much for me. Please look after Louis, and make sure that the boys stay safe and not to hurt themselves. It was not their fault.

I'm really sorry Liam, for breaking my promise. Goodbye Leeyum, and stay the same. Look after the fans.

Liam's eyes stared to fill with tears and he hid his face in his hands, "Harry wants me to look after you guys so I will," Liam says and he looks up at Niall, who was next to him. Niall smiles comfortingly.

Harry xxx

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