Nightmares can come true

Welcome to hell!


2. Hell!


“Welcome to Hell!” said the figure fiendishly “I am Death!”  Then, with a terrible rumble  he vanished.

As soon as Death had gone devils approached him. Dressed in hideous red robes they seized Lewis and started torturing him! In the torture machine they broke his arms 1 of his legs, With an ear piercing scream Lewis yelled ”AAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Having been ripped to shreds by the devils and tormented by the other souls, all he now wanted to do was die! Suddenly, Death appeared in front of him, as soon as he saw Lewis Death started laughing evilly.

Lewis was in tears his body was broken.                                                   

“Lead him to the labyrinth boys!” ordered Death menacingly

The devils,  knocked him out and for Lewis all went black….

He awoke in the pitch black, searing pains rung through his body.” I must be in the labyrinth” thought Lewis. he wondered what else could be in the labyrinth!

Suddenly he heard footsteps, well actually more like hooves. Lewis would have got up and bolted away if his body hadn’t been broken. The noise got closer. He heard faint grunts and clatters. Every second they got nearer. Lewis was covered in sweat; his stomach was churning with fear, and his head spinning with pain. All of his nerves were tingling and his hairs were stood on ends. As the noise got even closer a sickness crept into his stomach. With his throat dry and himself gulping in fear he prepared for the worst. Hoping that he would have a swift end to get rid of all the pain was all he could do. It was coming! The noise bounded down the corridor. The floor vibrated and the pound of the hooves was frightening him to death. Then ….   It arrived! Its breath smelt like rotted fish and the depths of a ten year old trash can that hadn't been emptied ever before. A shriek of pain leapt from his mouth as the beast rolled him over and bit deep into his calf. Lewis must have been tasty as he carried on eating most of the leg before ripping it of completely. Fainting from the pain, Lewis came round to find the beast had pulled off both of his legs. Instead of yelling he just led there in so much pain that if he were to scream he would burst you ear drums! Finishing on the leg, the beast decided to move onto Lewis’s blood stained head. Knowing that it was the end he closed his eyes and waited for death. Sticking its monstrous jaws into Lewis’s head and devouring his flesh, bone and the squishy brain the beast was having a feast. But, for Lewis it was the last moment he remembered.

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