Nightmares can come true

Welcome to hell!


1. Death arrives!


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed a deep voice hellishly.

“Get down you fool!”Shrieked Death. While Death was looking round at the poor tormented souls, the man who Death had been whipping beforehand decide to make his move. Picking up speed he ran at Death, grabbed the whip, and lashed it violently at him. But before the whip hit, it had been incinerated by Deaths evil powers. Before the man even new it Death lopped of his head with the sword he called ‘The fires of hell’! Blood trickled of in different directions, serving as a warning to all the others!

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Help!” yelled Lewis waking with a start. This nightmare had scared him more than all the others he’d had. Sweat was drenched all over him, he looked at the clock it was It was time for him to get up, little did he know that this was going to be the last time he would awake!

8 hours later……….

Lewis was walking back home from work. Suddenly a petrifying figure appeared in front of him. It whispered to him in an eerie voice “You must die” and grabbed him!

“Help me!” squealed Lewis uselessly.

Suddenly they melted into the pavement, leaving no trace!

A few seconds later Lewis was in a place he recognised. He looked at the figure to see that it’s face was twisted and horrible, it’s black cloak dragged along the floor snagging on rocks that looked a lot like people! Then he looked round. Pits of lava were dotted round everywhere and souls of people were being tortured! Blood red rocks engulfed everything.

Something caught Lewis's eye, it was a man rolling a huge boulder up a steep hill, but every time he got to the top the boulder would roll back down, flattening him on the way.

It was at that moment that he realised that he was in the place he had seen in his dream!

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