The wand and Crossbow

When its Diana's 3rd year at hogwarts, things start getting mysterious. Snape starts teaching more things we don't need to know. Once in class he conducted a spell on Diana and Harry. When the spell was done they didn't know what happen. they were in a dome, on platforms in the middle of a forest. What they didn't know is they were in the hunger games.


2. The DInning Hall

I remember when I had to go to the sorting hat like it was just yesterday, I was sent to Griffindore. It was deciding, Griffendore or Hufflepuff.

"SLITHERIN!" It yelled. Next was a boy named Tommy, he looked scared like he didn't feel like he should be here. I kept my eye on him... "HUFFLEPUFF!" It yelled.

After 40 new children sorted out, the feast began, Dumpledore stood up for a speech. "It was a wonderful year last year, and it should be even better, Now, All of you know Serious Black is out of Azkaban, but we are keeping an eye out for him. If anyone spots him, well you know what to do. Now a toast to our new black magic teacher!"

"Hurrah." everyone toasted.


After dinner we all went to our rooms and changed into Pajamas, "Hermione... Do.. Do you think Harry likes me?" I asked.

"Maybe, What do you mean? Like as a friend, or..." She asked.

"As... well... more than a friend." I stated.

she frowned in bed, "I don't know."

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