The wand and Crossbow

When its Diana's 3rd year at hogwarts, things start getting mysterious. Snape starts teaching more things we don't need to know. Once in class he conducted a spell on Diana and Harry. When the spell was done they didn't know what happen. they were in a dome, on platforms in the middle of a forest. What they didn't know is they were in the hunger games.


3. Potion Class

I woke up and changed into my robes. I ran down the stairs into griffindores common room and waited for Harry.

"Ready for potions?" he startled me.

"Yes." I nodded and we left.


"Diana, can you tell me the Love Potion." Snape asked.

"Uh.... No sir." I stated.

"CLASS! You must pay attention!" he snapped, "Now, Diana and Harry please come up to the front of the room I want to teach you a spell." Me and Harry walked up to the front of the room.

"Do you know what happens when a student uses magic on a teacher?" He asked.

"Yes sir." Me and Harry said.

"Please Diana Tell me what happens." He stood to the side and the class started to snicker.

"The student gets suspended from school for 2 years at hogwarts, they wipe there whole memory of ever coming here and make them come back as a new person and send them to a different team from the sorting hat, if your lucky people will try to fill you in on what happened since you were gone. If not your memory is lost forever and you never get to go to Hogs-meet." I answered.

"Thats the most you will ever get out of her," said a student in the seat in front. I stared him down till he felt threatened then turned my head to Snape.

"Now Harry will you tell me what happens to a teacher if he uses magic on a student."

"Nothing, unless you have a reason nothing happens to the teacher, the family may go to court with the teacher. If you don't have a reason the teacher will go to Azkaban for using magic on a student."

"Now Hermione will you tell me what happens when a student uses magic on a student?" Hermione stood up from her seat and answered.

"Yes, The student is banished into another realm without anyone-" I snapped, the kid in front of me was laughing again, I pulled out my wand, so did Harry.

"CHILDREN!!!!! DON'T YOU DARE..." Snape cursed down on the wands.

Too late. "PERFON!" Me and Harry both yelled, The boy turned into an animal of our thought, but since two people used the spell together it turned into a Dog/ Frog.

"Biofon!" Snape yelled and pointed the wand at us both.

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