The wand and Crossbow

When its Diana's 3rd year at hogwarts, things start getting mysterious. Snape starts teaching more things we don't need to know. Once in class he conducted a spell on Diana and Harry. When the spell was done they didn't know what happen. they were in a dome, on platforms in the middle of a forest. What they didn't know is they were in the hunger games.


1. Hogwarts

It was Diana's 3rd year at Hogwarts. She still couldn't believe she was Harry Potters best friend. Up the road was the train station, there she would get on the train to Hogwarts.

"Come on!" *Honk Honk* went the trains horn, "Come on!" the conducter yelled. Harry came running with his trunk and his Owl.
"Am I late?" he asked. I nodded no, "Then come on, lets get on!" He stated. We pushed our bags and animals on the train and the helpers took the bags. Harry walked into a room where are seats were, Hermoione Granger was there and so was Ron Weasley.

"Hey..." I said. I was quiet one in the group.

"Harry whats you schedule this year?" Ron asked. Harry pulled it out, it was wrapped up in an envelope.

"I don't know, my aunt wouldn't let me open it since it was from Dumpledore." he said. He unwrapped it and read the schedule, it was the same as mine.

"AW MAN! We only have potions together." Hermione said.

After Three hours on the train we got to our  destination, Hogwarts Castle For Witch Craft and Wizardery.


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