The wand and Crossbow

When its Diana's 3rd year at hogwarts, things start getting mysterious. Snape starts teaching more things we don't need to know. Once in class he conducted a spell on Diana and Harry. When the spell was done they didn't know what happen. they were in a dome, on platforms in the middle of a forest. What they didn't know is they were in the hunger games.


5. 24 Hours In

A day passes with Rue and I kept my sword out in case she turned on me.

"What district are you from?" Rue asked me. The sweet sound came out of her mouth like she just forgot were trying to kill each other, like were in gumdrop forest with lollipops.

"I'm not from one,"

"What do you mean? Everyone here is from a district in here." I frowned at her.

"I'm not a normal person.." I said, "Im a wizard."

She stared at me for a second like a dumbwit person, "A wizard, theres no such." she laughed.

"Oh yea watch thi-" I didn't get to finish when a guy jumped out of the bushes with a knife, I pulled out my wand, "EXSPELIN!" He died.

"WOAH! You weren't lying..." she backed away up to a tree.

"Come on we should get moving." I said. I grabbed my bag and sword, "You coming?" I asked her. She nodded yes.

"What about your friend? Was... What happen?" I frowned.

"Tragic, I don't wanna talk about it." A tear started to form but I didn't let it show, Hide it, I thought Its okay.


We headed out until we found a cave. I heard talking, a man and a woman. I started to walk in, my sword out, Before Rue grabbed my arm.

"What are you doing? They could kill you." She whispered to me.

"Stay out here, I'll yell if they try anything," I whipped out my sword again and walked in quietly. They stared at me for a minute, the man was cut in the arm and the woman had scratches all over her face.

"What are you doing?" The woman asked.

"I... I'm here with a friend, my.... Harry was shot, we need shelter please." I begged. I heard rue scream. I ran out and saw her stomach, it was stabbed.

"NO!" I yelled and stabbed the other man. I ran back inside and slupped on the ground, "Well now its just me."

"Did.... Did you just kill him?" The woman asked. "That... Easily, it looked like you had no regret doing it." she said.

"You survive, Do what you got to do." I stated. I walked over to the man. "Whats your name?"

"Peeta, And you?" he asked.

"Diana, I'm from hogwarts, you too?" I looked up at the woman.

"Katniss, were from district 12, who was your friend. What did he look like?"

"His name was Harry, Harry Potter, he was shot with an arrow. How did you get cut?"

"A man. What did you do to the person who shot him."

"Stabbed him." I said. "It was easy, regretful, but easy."

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