Nobody compares to you

Zoe and Emma are great fans of One direction. After meeting their idols at a signing session in London, Zoe felt deeply in love with Harry. After seeing each other again, and they admitted to each other that they are in love they lost contact..

Inspired by dreams ahah

Sorry for my English!


7. Still got a change?

3 weeks after London.

Zoe felt a bit happy again, but she still couldn't forgive herself.

That's what's going on, nothings fine Im torn
Im all out of faith, this is how I feel
Im cold and I am shamed lying naked on the floor
Illusion never changed into som..

Zoe's phone rang. "hello?" "Hey Zoe are you feeling any better, why aren't you coming to school, you can't stop following school because of Harry. But I'm not going to pretend like I'm your mother, but you should come back to school, but back to what I wanna tell you:  I don't know if you heard it yet, but one direction is coming to holland in 2 months! The tickets are on sale this saterday, but there aren't meet and greet tickets, but there are hot tickets, then you could sit at the first row!" "Are you serious Em? Omg that's great maybe Harry would recognized us!" "Yes, so it's starts at 10 am so should I come at 8 o' clock?" "Yes that would be great!" I said.

There was finally a bit hope, maybe I could see Harry again!

She grabbed her laptop and searched on ticketmaster:

One Direction goes to Holland again!

Sale starts on Saterday

Regulair tickets €45,- / €50,-

Vip tickets €155,-

Oh god, how do I get 155 euro's in less then a week. I looked at my bank account, I've got almost 100 euro, but my parents were out of town so I couldn't borrow some money. I decided to call Emma. "Hi Em, I got a problem I don't got enough money for the vip tickets!" "Oh, how much money do you have?" she asked. "100, so I need 55 euro's...." "I'll pay that for you!" "Seriously Emma, no please don't do that!" "Why not? I think you deserved it, and the class misses you, so if you promiss you are going back to school, I would pay them!" "It's so sweet of you Em, I love you so much, I will pay you the money later, and I promiss im going to school again!" "Hahah okay, that's great! Well I gotta go, so I see you saturday, bye Zoe, love you!" said Emma, and she hanged up.


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