Nobody compares to you

Zoe and Emma are great fans of One direction. After meeting their idols at a signing session in London, Zoe felt deeply in love with Harry. After seeing each other again, and they admitted to each other that they are in love they lost contact..

Inspired by dreams ahah

Sorry for my English!


9. Mistakes

The rest of the day I felt so weird, it just felt like Harry was cheating on me, I knew we don't have or had an relationship, but still. Everybody on twitter was tweeting about Harry and Taylor, it wasn't even confirmed by them but it was so obvious that they had something. Because there were pictures of them kissing, and pictures where harry and taylor wearing the same necklace.

"Hey Zoe, are you okay, you are looking a bit sad, something wrong?" asked James a boy from my class. "Yeah, I'm okay, just feel a bit dizzy but that's it" It wasn't completely lying, I felt dizzy cause of all the rumours about "Haylor". "Well okay, I was a bit worried cause you aren't very happy since after the vacation." "You don't have to be!" I said. "Allright, so do you want to hang out after school with me Emma and Josh?" asked James. "Yes sure!" "Great, so are you and Emma coming to Josh's  house in about an hour?" "Yeah, see you then!" I said

3 hours later..

"Hahahah yeaah it was so funny! Zoe and I were so scared hahah!" said Emma. All four of us had so much fun. I looked at James, he smiled to me. He was so nice to me. "I think James likes you a lot" wispered Emma, you two would be great together." I smiled, James wasn't ugly or something, on the contrary, he had beautiful brown eyes, beautiful smile, and his such a funny guy...

Me and Emma were staying at Josh till almost 11 pm, we had so much fun, I really needed this after being sad for so long. When we left the house James kissed me, at first I didn't wanna kiss him, cause I was still in love with Harry but at the same time I really wanted to kiss him, so kissed him back. He was so sweet, and Harry and I will never getting back together, I guess he has forgotten  me..

Harry's POV

"So Harry, X Factor was much fun yesterday right, with Taylor?" asked Louis. "Yes, she's really nice, and she looked so good in that dress!" I said. "Yeah! So did anything happend.." asked Louis. "No, where are you talking about, we were just talking a bit, also about our next album, she would loved to write a songtext for it! But no we're just good friends, nothing more..."  'Oh, okay, yeah on twitter you're trending topic, they calling you and Taylor swift Haylor or something.." said Louis. "whaat? You mean Haylor as in a couple? Taylor is a very nice woman, but no, she isn't really my type, and I'm still hoping me and Z, well nevermind... I said.

I looked at my phone, and indead Haylor was trending topic, there wher even pictures of me and Taylor kissing, wich definitely must been photoshopped.. Oh sometimes I really hate being famous.. I hope Zoe didn't saw the pictures... Well maybe she won't even care, I guess there are enough boys who would love to date her..

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