Nobody compares to you

Zoe and Emma are great fans of One direction. After meeting their idols at a signing session in London, Zoe felt deeply in love with Harry. After seeing each other again, and they admitted to each other that they are in love they lost contact..

Inspired by dreams ahah

Sorry for my English!


3. Let's party!

Zoe's POV

After shopping a bit with Emma, and talking about what happened at the signing, we went to our hotel. We decided to go to funky Buddha, a club in the city, where the boys sometimes come. But first we went to eat something at Nandos.

"This taste really good", said Emma. "Yeah too bad they don’t have in Holland", I said. "Yeaah poor us ahah."


Harry's POV

"Where are you thinking about Harold, you look so absent". said Louis. "Yeaah sorry, I was just thinking about her." "Who?", asked Louis, "you mean the girl from the signing?"

Zayn came in. "Are you talking again about Zoe?", he said.  "Does the girl named Zoe?" Asked Louis.  "Yes, after the signing harry couldn’t stop talking about her like:" "Why didn’t I asked her number, "Does she has a boyfriend", "Yes I think she got", "She was so pretty." Said Zayn 

"Hey, I didn’t talk with that voice, and I only said she looked very good." Said Harry.

"Haha okay, well I know enough, so Harry we still going to funky Buda tonight right?" Said Louis. "Yess of course we gonna party hardy, ahah."


Zoe's POV

"Should I do something with my hair, or should I keep it as it is right now?" Asked Emma.

I looked to her, "Keep it the way it is right now, it looks perfect."

"Which dress should I wear?" I hold two dresses in my hands, both bought today. In my left hand I hold a black Hollister dress, and in the other a brown one from the Zara. "I’m gonna wear my new dress from Hollister", said Emma. "Well then I also gonna wear Hollister", I said. "I packed my phone and started playing Take me home."


"Cause no one ever looks so good in a dress and it hurts cause I know you won’t be mine tonight. No one ever makes me feel like you do when you smile, Baby tell me how to make it right."

We song so loud.  "Nobody compares is definitely one of my favoured songs", I said. "Yes mine too, Take me home is just so perfect, loved it you can hear al the boys sing!" said Emma

After spending like an hour to dress up we finally took a taxi and went to Funky Buddha.


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