Nobody compares to you

Zoe and Emma are great fans of One direction. After meeting their idols at a signing session in London, Zoe felt deeply in love with Harry. After seeing each other again, and they admitted to each other that they are in love they lost contact..

Inspired by dreams ahah

Sorry for my English!


4. Funky Buddha

Harry's POV

"Louis, did you saw that girl? I thought I recognized her from something." "Who?" Louis asked. "That girl over there, oh wait she’s gone, but she looks a bit like the girl from the signing, Louis she looks like Zoe." "Harry I know you like her but, get her out of your head, I mean, I guess you won’t see her again, and thinking she's here, I don't know man, but focuss on something else, just for this moment aha, okay?" Said Louis "Yes I’m sorry, you’re right, do you want something to drink?" I asked. Yes. Said Louis. "Okay I’ll be back in a minute." I said.

Zoe's POV

"I love this club! I understand why they are coming her so much!" "Yeah" said Emma, "it’s a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth the money!"

While the girls were dancing, a boy came to them. It was louis from One Direction, but they didn’t noticed something.

"I’m sorry for bothering you ladies, but I’ve got a question." "Oh yeah sure", I turned around and saw that the boy was Louis. "I guess you know me, and this might be a weird question, but did you were at the signing from One Direction, this morning?" "Yes, omg how did you recognized us?" I asked. "I didn’t but he did", he pointed to Harry.

Harry's POV

Would it be possible, the girl from today, Zoe, was she really here. Louis started laughing at me when I told him I saw her here. But I had to admit that it would be really weird is she really would be here.

After a few minutes harry went back to Louis but he couldn’t find him. After searching for a time he finally saw Louis, with two familiar faces. This can't be true, one of them really was Zoe.

"Hey Harry, I brought you two girls, I guess you’ll remember them, especially one of them." said Louis. I smiled, "hii Zoe, its great to see you again!" She smiled to me, she was so beautiful.

"So we will leave you guys alone", said Louis and the girl Zoe was with, I though I heard Zoe called her something like Emma. "Oh and by the way, she’s single", whispered Louis before he left.

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