Nobody compares to you

Zoe and Emma are great fans of One direction. After meeting their idols at a signing session in London, Zoe felt deeply in love with Harry. After seeing each other again, and they admitted to each other that they are in love they lost contact..

Inspired by dreams ahah

Sorry for my English!


8. Broken Heart

Harry's POV

The boys were just chilling, the weither was great in Los Angeles, it's always good to be back here. We were just talking a bit, when Paul came. "He guys, I just wanted to tell your tour is sold out in Norway, Germany and Holland!" "Wow that's great, thanks for saying Paul!" said Liam. "No problem, by the way, don't forget you have to be at 5 pm at the x factor rehearsels!" said Paul." And he left the balcony.

"Hey Harry, Zoe lives in Holland right?" asked Niall. "Yes, but I don't wanna talk about her, it was great to meet her, but I just want to forget her, cause you know.." said Harry. "Cause what?" asked Niall. "Never mind, should we talk about something else, so Niall you're gonna see Demi again on X factor, so what are you gonna say this time, cause last time didn't went very good ahah." "Okay Harry, I got it, I stop talking about you and Zoe, if you stop talking about Demi okay?" said Niall. "Yeah deal! But seriously, are you and Demi going to do something after X factor?"  "Maybe, we'll see." said Niall

At X Factor USA

Feels like snow in September
But I always will remember
You were my Summer love
You always will be my Summer love

Everyone clapped so loud, I really love to perform, it feels amazing. After the X Factor, I saw Taylor Swift again. "Hey Taylor, how are you? Long time no speak, how is your tour so far?" "Hey Harry, I'm great, your performance was amazing!

Zoe's POV

"Zoe, look!" Emma screamed! "I've got our tickets!" "Omg, that's great!" I closed my locker and walked to her. "Look, we're sitting at the first row!" "Wow, the tickets looking so beautiful!" I said.

It was almost two weeks after me and Emma bought the tickets. About 39 days, is finally the concert. It was amazing, I was so excited, I wanted to tweet a picture of my ticket, but then I saw something that I didn't wanna see.

@1D_Taylorrrloveee:  Haylor is real! They kissed yesterday after X Factor

@Louissismyboobearr: Aaah Haylor are so sweet together! Love them!

I opened one of the pictures, and it were really Harry and Taylor kissing. I wanted to start cry, but I was at school so I tried to hide my tears. I knew there would be a moment that he's started dating somebody else but so fast....

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