The Old in the New.

Earth as we know it is no more. Pollution and war have wiped out most of humanity, now only one community remain.
Jenna lives in the Hotel. After a series of events she finds herself sucked into an adventure, full of things that she could never have imagined.


1. Prologue.

It has begun. The rebuilding of a civilisation. The construction of the future. Years from now people will learn about us in their history books. How we built this hotel to save them from what lays on the open plains, how we toiled for days and nights to ensure their safety, how we made their lives great. We can now say with certainty that nothing of Before exists any longer, nothing that can lead our people into the same fate as those who destroyed this world and perished as a result. The hotel has no flaws, no weaknesses. Although it’s too late for us, we’re confident that the New will thrive as a society through a strict regime of control and improvement, and one day they will honour us like those in the Before honoured their own gods. 

    For now, we can only imagine the success that the following years will bring. There are only three of us left in the camp; the rest having met their end at the poisonous gas in the air and the chemicals oozing from the ground beneath their beds. Soon death will arrive for us too, but I think that we can safely say that our lives were plentiful at the end, and we achieved our purpose. After all, who needs life when all their dreams have been answered?

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