Life Is A Miracle

Life is a miracle take a look around you and really see. There are so many things/ You could almost write a book.


1. Life Is A Miracle

Give of yourself each day

Open your heart to other's

Don't let it slip away

Life is a miracle


Some really need a friend

Some have a difficult journey

Regardless of where they've been

See the beauty in everyone


You dream about but don't have time to start

Do the things you dream about

Listen with your heart

Share your gifts and talents


Life is never fair

Be gtacious and forgiving

Show someone that you care

Pick a bouquet of flowers


Could be a heavy load

We all have a cross to bear

You may need it down the road

Hold on to your courage


No matter where you roam

If you pratice all these things

You will never feel alone

You may find both sun and rain

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