Jordan and Bec's life from A-Z

Hey guys so this is the story of mine and one of my friends lifes (Rebecca) We thought we would share this cause we are probably some of the most awkward people you will ever meet so um yeah hope you have some laughs! :D Oh andd everything you read is true :)


3. Intro of Jordan ( bec <33)

Hey it's bec, Jordan asked me to write an intro for her cause well I actully don't know but anyway here I am writing about Jordan. Ok going to start to write about Jordan now ... well Jordan is an absolullty lovely potato ( when I say potato I mean In affectionate way on this thing Liam said he doesn't like girls who are perfect cause they are boring' and potatoes are not perfect but they are wonderful just like Jordan :3) and one of my very best friends! Ok so heres some facts about Jordan. Name: Jordan. Age: 13 on the 19th of December. Appearance: lovely dark brown hair almost black, amazaynly gorgeous ( I swear one of the gods forgot to take a birth control tablet and had her :/ ), she's so beautiful when I stand next to her I feel really ugly :( Personality: she's the sweetest, kindestest, bubbley, funny, outgoing, random girl You guys will ever read about.
And as you guys read about our lives hopefully you'll will live us as we live yous for at least reading this :) <333333

Don't be afraid to be yourself
Love beccy xx
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