Jordan and Bec's life from A-Z

Hey guys so this is the story of mine and one of my friends lifes (Rebecca) We thought we would share this cause we are probably some of the most awkward people you will ever meet so um yeah hope you have some laughs! :D Oh andd everything you read is true :)


2. Intro ( bec <33)

Well hello little people 
I'm Rebecca, my friend Jordan and I have decided to write a story together! Cause were amazayn and all <33 !!! Im sorry about my friend JORDAN being so rude and not introducing herself ( that rude little potato hehe). Anyways I'm Rebecca, age 13, I've got wispy ( I love that word wispy I could say that all day :3) blonde hair, bellow average size breasts, people say I'm pretty but i believe a nice personality means more than looks! Anyway our story  is going to be about our lives and our experiences and we go to the same school so our chapters might overlap, so i personally think it going to be cool to see each others point of view on things. Oh we are hardcore directioners :)  Sooooooo...... Anyway hope you love me cause I love yous already :3 

Don't be afraid to be your self!  
Bec xx
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