Jordan and Bec's life from A-Z

Hey guys so this is the story of mine and one of my friends lifes (Rebecca) We thought we would share this cause we are probably some of the most awkward people you will ever meet so um yeah hope you have some laughs! :D Oh andd everything you read is true :)


1. It's friday friday gotta get down on friday! - Jordan <3

Jordan's P.O.V

Oh yay! another day of school! I could just drop dead right now! The only thing I look forward to at school is seeing my friends and food. I get up out of bed have some rice bubblesssss, feed the dogs, pack my bag, get dressed, brush my teath and do my hair. My mum drives me to the bus stop where i have to deal with people older then me being d*cks! Little kids being annoying as hell and a boy in my year acting like a little kid! And then there's only two people left Zali and Whiley, there pretty much the only normal people on da bus. Anyways the bus comes at 8 am and i get to school at about 8:15am. Usually i get a hug from Ashleigh first then olivia cause nobody is there at that time so yeah, oh and Jandi. My best friend Joh (Johanna) gets here at about 8:30am and Bec get here at about 8:40am, but i don't really see her in the mmornigs but were in the same classes so thats good aha. But anyways thats my mornig will post more tomorrow cause it's almost like midnight in Australia so yeah night guys : ) -Jordan <3

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