Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


5. The Journey

They were just reaching the outskirts of Seirra Leone and Ojay shouted "Wait!! My family don't know am going!" The mans face panicked, "Erm, We spoke to your father he said yes, Oh and by the way my name is Demetri" Ojay smiled, He had never been on the outskirts of Sierra Leone. In fact, He had never been as far as Freetown which is about a 7 minute walk from his home. It had been about 7 Hours as they finally reached Morocco airport, they got on the 11:34pm Flight to Heathrow Airport, Then they got Demetri's Jaguar XF to a block of flats near Arsenals ground. Ojay crashed out onto the bed that was awaiting him in his heated room. It was Ojays first encounter of England and a heated room. "I can't wait to sleep" Kyle said with his eyes half closed. "Yeah, erm Kyle remember when Demetri was at Sierra Academy?" Ojay questioned Kyle, "Yes?" Kyle replied looking worried. "Would you have gone without me?" Ojay said as his eyes filled up with water. "No, That's why your here, I said to Demetri I am not going if Ojay dosen't come with me. We spent 3 hours driving around our village looking for you" Kyle replied with a loving smile. "Really?" A tear fell from Ojays face. "I would never leave you."

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