Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


8. All the pieces fall into place

Ojay and Kyle's only choice was to go to some type of policeman (or woman) and tell them what had happened. "But what if they think were illegal immigrants and try and kill us! Technically we are illegal immagrants because we havent got a passport and we got into this country via Dimetri. Wait, we don't have passports." Ojay said slighty confused but more scared. "And your point is..." Kyle replied acting smart (As always) "If we don't have passports then how the hell have we got into the counrty!" Ojay said waiting for an answer. Kyle's face dropped, "I'd tell you-if I knew, but the thing is, I don't. Oh my God we are illegal immagrents arn't we!" Kyle now started to panic. "But how, we did come into the country on a plane" Ojay questioned. "Yes we did but, we didn't land on a proper runway or go through the airport i.e customs, luggage check and we were on a sea plane!" Kyle shouted, "We need to get out of here now!" Ojay sat on the couch in such shock, "NOW!" Kyle picked up his jacket and dragged Ojay out of the front door. The sun was just above the horizon, This was the start of a new day in Spain. Now this is were the journey actually starts.

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