Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


6. A Long Night

Ojay was lying in bed, all he could hear was the sound of cars, rain hitting the window and Demetri's television. "Kyle, Are you awake?" Ojay whispered. "Yes, are you excited for our first training sesion?" Kyle replied lying in his comfy bed. "Yes, just think we could be the next Didier Drogba or Alex Song, I choose Drogba" Ojay giggled to himself, "No I am Drogba you can be Song!" Kyle laughed a tiny bit louder. Ojay burst out into laughter, "I know how to settle this, who ever gets pinned down first is Song!" Ojay jumped across the room onto Kyle and pinned him down, "Ha am Drogba!!!" Ojay laughed. "Arr, I have to be more alert around you!" They both joked and laughed. "What's going on in there!" Demetri shouted with such anger. They both jumped into bed, "Erm, we are watching a funny film thats all" Kyle said politely acting innocent as possible. "Just quite down a bit." Demetri replied but with less anger. They both looked at eachother and giggled!

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