Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


2. A Contract and a Rich Guy

Ojay's father was paid today so he is spending the money on decent food for the family to eat. They have goat meat and rice, they bought oranges and squeezed them and made orange juice, it was the first time Ojay had made juice before. It was time for Ojay to go to football training and after eating that meal he felt like he couldn't walk! It was a 1 and a half hour journey to Freetown so its long and hard. He finally gets there and his friend is surrounded by his teammates, Ojay rushes over. "What's going on?" Ojay shouts amongst the chaos, "Kyle's just got a contract of a rich man to go and play for Arsenal!" A boy replied with such joy. Ojay couldn't believe it, he thought if it was anyone he would of got the contract. Kyle was so overjoyed that when Ojay spoke to him he completely blanked him. Ojay ran home in tears, just the thought of your best friend leaving you and not even saying goodbye! He ran into his grandmothers arms, "What's got you down boy?" his granny said in a caring voice. "Kyle got a contract from a rich guy today, he's going to Europe to play for Arsenal he didn't even say goodbye" more tears ran down Ojay's face. "It's okay Ojay, you will be fine" His granny said whilst rocking back and forth as if he was a baby and soon he cried himself to sleep.


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