Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


7. 3:30 am

'Bang' Ojay shot up out of bed and shook Kyle, "What was that?" Ojay said in such fright. "Demetri!" Kyle shouted-no reply. They looked at eachother, fright in there eyes. Kyle stepped out of bed and walked out the bedroom cautiously, He walks into the tiny livingroom. The TV on a low, three beer cans opened on the coffee table and a ashtray full of cigarette ends. "Dimetri, Dimetri where are you come on this isn't funny anymore! I bet he'll jump out from somewhere" Kyle was telling Ojay. But still no sign of Dimetri. Kyle moved his way calmly to the front door, he reaches for the handle and turns it. "Why's it unlocked?" Kyle discovered that the door was unlocked and the slightest bit open! He stepped outside. He seen a shop over the road it read 'cafetería' which meant 'Coffee Shop' in Spanish. "Why is that sign in Spanish?" Ojay questioned. They ran back into the livingroom and highered the TV's volume up, the news was on. The presenter was speaking Spanish! "Please say its a Spanish channel" Ojay said, Kyle turned over, still Spanish. He turned over again- still Spanish. Ojay started crying and ran out onto the balcony. A woman walked alond the street, Ojay shouted down "Were are we?" The woman looked up at him, "Que no hablan Inglés solamente españolas" which meant, I don't speak English, only Spanish. Ojay looked confused and walked back into the flat, "What time is it?" Kyle looked at the wall clock. "3:30am."

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