Number 10

A young, poor African Boy has the chance of a lifetime but it all goes wrong. Although Spain might turn things around.


1. Intro

Ojay was 7 when people started to realise his talent, football. He was always fond of the sport and played for his village football team. Every village in Sierra Leone has a football team and the host a tournament every month and played Saturday games. Although they didn't get paid. Ojay's village was one of the poorest village in Sierra Leone, his father got paid every 3 weeks! They own a farm, all of them do a fair share in jobs on the farm, his father is a carpenter. He lives with his 2 brothers, George and Hector and 3 sisters Leah, Sharia, and Olaiya. Also there 84 year old Grandmother lives with them (they just call her Granny) The family were considerably poor and the family only ate rice. Ojay is now 15 and still plays for the team. He has now been upgraded to Sierra Leone's main children's team, 'Sierra Academy' There pitch is on a piece of land full of dead grass, broken glass, split tin cans and on the right side of the pitch is a Motorway leading to the Capital Freetown and on to the left of the pitch is a rubbish tip. But what makes it worse is that Ojay can't afford football boots so he cuts his feet on the tin cans and broken glass and they get infected because of all the dirt on the floor. At least his father gets paid soon.

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