Kissing in the rain

Marie just turned 18 but she can't move out untill shes 20. Her mom is in the hospital with cancer so her abusive step-dad is with her. She wants to move away and leave the beatings and mean names, she wants to strat a famliy of her own. But her step-dad wont have that.


19. You Remember!

 He looks at me. "W-what?" "Ello love." I giggle kissing his lips. His arms wrap around me as he kisses me back. "Baby girl I missed you so much." He whispers in my ear sending chills down my spine. "I missed you too Harry, but where's Darcy. Is she okay?" I start panicking. "Shhh she's perfect, and beautiful just like her mommy." He kisses my nose gently. "Can I please go see her?" "Of course you can love." He picks me up and I giggle wrapping my arms around him. "Does she have your green eyes?" I ask excited to see my little baby girl. "Mhmm, but I think she's going to have your hair." "Well I would rather her have my hair then my eyes." He chuckles at me. "I think your eyes are lovely." I smile and kiss his cheek. We get to the window you can see the newborns in. "Where is she?" I look around. "Um...she's...not here.." Harry looks around confused. "Excuse me, are you Marie and Harry styles?" A doctor asks. "Yes...where is our baby Darcy?" Harry turns to him. "I'm afraid I bear bad news..." He looks at up with pity. 



Thought I'd start this back up with a cliffhanger :) 


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