Kissing in the rain

Marie just turned 18 but she can't move out untill shes 20. Her mom is in the hospital with cancer so her abusive step-dad is with her. She wants to move away and leave the beatings and mean names, she wants to strat a famliy of her own. But her step-dad wont have that.


5. What's Wrong With Marie?

''Are you here for Marie?" The doctor asks. ''Yes we are." Zayn said shooting up out of his seat. I glared at him, why does he care so much? ''Yes doctor do you know what is wrong with her?" I ask. ''Well I'm afraid that with all of her unattended cuts and burns that there is a infection in her blood stream.'' He says. ''Oh no.'' I say putting my head in my hands and setting back down, Louis pats my back. ''She's is still unconscious and we are going to need to keep her under close watch.'' The doctor stats. ''Can we see her?" Zayn asks. I shot him a look but he was focused on the doctor. ''Not today we need to do more test to make sure that we don't lose her.'' The doctor says turning to leave. ''Mr. Harry?" He asks turning back around. ''That's me.'' I say. ''She was awake for a short time and she said to tell you that everything will be OK.'' He says then he left the room. I look up to find zayn staring at me. ''You always get the girls.'' He say shaking his head and walking out off the hospital. I look at the rest of the boys, liam goes after zayn, and niall is staring at me. ''You really love her don't you?" He asks. ''Yes I do, I love her a lot.'' I say. ''Keep her around she loves you too.'' He nods. Whoa when did niall get like this? ''I will niall, I will.'' I say. I look at him, and he's holding his belly. ''Hey niall, wanna go get something to eat?" I ask. His face lights up. ''YES!'' He says. ''Haha OK come on niall, come on louis.I say. Before me and Louis walked out the door I gave him a hug. ''Thanks for being here for me and Marie.'' I say. He smiles at me. ''I'll always be here harry, always. Then we walked out and went with niall to get pizza.

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Hayley Renee Bell

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