Kissing in the rain

Marie just turned 18 but she can't move out untill shes 20. Her mom is in the hospital with cancer so her abusive step-dad is with her. She wants to move away and leave the beatings and mean names, she wants to strat a famliy of her own. But her step-dad wont have that.


4. hospital scare


"I can't believe I let her get taken!" I told the guys. ''Harry you can't blame yourself how were either of you supost to know that her dad would be there to take her." Liam tried to calm be down. ''I know liam.'' I sigh. Marie is laying upstairs in her room, the doctor said that she would be fine. "We should take her out to eat, maybe at a buffet?" Niall asked smiling. I laughed. ''OK niall, she needs to eat a lot anyway.'' I say.


I wake up and I'm in a new room, but I don't see jack or harry. ''Harry?" I yell. A few seconds later harry is bursting through the door. ''What, what, where does it hurt?" He asks yelling. I giggle at the little dance his fingers do over me. ''Well my stomach hurts.'' I say between giggles, harry touches the bottom of my shirt and looks at me, I nod and he pulls my shirt halfway up. ''Marie?" He asks, wide eyed. ''What?" I ask panicking. ''Umm well you have burns all over your stomach.'' He says looking at me. ''It must be from whatever jack got out of the fire pit.'' I say, serious now. ''Liam come here!" He yelled. A boy with a buzz cut came in and looked at my belly. ''Did the doctor tell you about this?" Liam asked harry. Harry shook his head. ''Come on I'm taking you to the hospital.'' Harry says picking me up. I winced because the burns on my stomach hurt so much. Harry took me to his car and liam, Louis and two other guys came with us. ''Marie this is niall and zayn, is it OK if they sit with you?'' Liam asks. I nod and harry lays me across liam, zayn, and niall. ''Make sure not to touch her stomach.'' Harry tells them. He gets in front with Louis and floors it to the hospital, after about five minutes I start to get sick. ''Niall get that trash can please.'' Zayn says. Niall grabs a trash can, and zayn pulls me up so I can lay my head on his shoulder carefull of my belly. I started to get sick and zayn keep whispering soothing things in my ear and holding my hair. It took us almost a half and hour to get to the hospital and I started to black out.


I pulled up in the parking lot and there were no spaces, I look back at Marie and she's laying on zayns shoulder passed out, and she's pale white. ''Louis I need you to park the car.'' I said getting out, I grabbed Marie out of zayn's arms and ran into the ER. They got her back immediately and I had to set in the waiting room with then rest of the boys. Five minutes later Louis came in. ''What took you so long mate?'' Liam asks. ''Oh I had to park in another parking lot and walk back without being noticed.'' Louis shrugged and sat down next to me. Two hours later the doctor came out. ''Are you here for Marie? He asked.

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Hayley Renee Bell

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