Kissing in the rain

Marie just turned 18 but she can't move out untill shes 20. Her mom is in the hospital with cancer so her abusive step-dad is with her. She wants to move away and leave the beatings and mean names, she wants to strat a famliy of her own. But her step-dad wont have that.


11. Goodbye Harry. Hello Reych.

I open the door and there is a girl  standing there. ''Hi, I'm Reych.'' She says. She has long brown hair and really pretty eyes. ''Marie.' I say. I smile and let her in. ''Hey Reych.'' Harry and Louis say. ''Hey Haz, hey Tommo.'' She waves. ''OK, well babe I have to go.'' Harry turns to me. ''I love you.'' I say and wrap my arms around him. ''I love you too.'' He says. He looks down at my belly. ''And daddy loves you too baby.'' He whispers. They leave and me and Reych it and she tells me about herself.

''So my life as a kid was pretty good. I had my mom, my dad, and my little sister. I lived in a pretty decent sized house with running and playing space. I met Harry and Louis during X Factor where I worked as a stage hand. I've had a major crush on liam since I met him. I knew him first because he was there before the rest of the boys. I like to write and sing. My favorite color is purple. ''

Reych went on about herself when a thought hits me. ''Oh my freaking Nandos.'' I say. Thank you Niall. ''What?'' She asks. I swallow hard and choke out. "The baby might not be Harry's.''




Uh oh. Haha how do you like this cliff hanger Reych? <3 

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