Kissing in the rain

Marie just turned 18 but she can't move out untill shes 20. Her mom is in the hospital with cancer so her abusive step-dad is with her. She wants to move away and leave the beatings and mean names, she wants to strat a famliy of her own. But her step-dad wont have that.


18. Dreams


I dream of how my old life used to be. My step-dad hitting me, burning me, raping me, It was all so horrible. Then I dream of an ice cream shop, and a boy with curly brown hair and green eyes. "Love, what's wrong?" He asks in a soft voice,. I spill my guts to him and he helps me up showing my scars. Then Im with Jack again and he is burning my belly with a hot melting iron. Then the boys shows up again, saving me. Then I'm writing him telling him I love him. I found out I'm pregnant. The boy leaves for some reason. Everything ends with me falling holding my belly to protect my unborn baby girl, Darcy. I wake up to Harry laying beside me looking at me. "Love, what's wrong?" He asks. I gasp. "Harry?" I whisper

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